The Favorite and Chance of Abdia: Amara speaks


Only two days have passed since Maccabi Tel Aviv was crowned national champion for the 54th time and one of the main factors responsible for this – Amara Studmeier, Free up his time to talk to us about the celebrations, the return of the NBA and also: the integration of Danny Abdia in the best league in the world.
“We’re still celebrating, everyone’s enjoying the moment and a lot of people in the United States are following what’s going on here so I get media coverage and friends and family have wished me good luck.”
Amara also referred to his longtime LeBron James and his candidacy to go all the way: “It’s going to be good, a lot of players are already waiting to play. I know LeBron James and his friends are willing to go back and try to win the championship so it’s fun to watch. Some of the friends My bubble asked me to send them some of my wine, “Amara joked, adding,” They enjoy it because they get a chance to hang out at Disney World. ”
“The Lakers are favorites to win the championship, the Clippers are also candidates and the East has Milwaukee and Toronto,” Amara analyzed. “I don’t see any black sheep. Maybe Boston can surprise with Kamba Walker.”
In conclusion, the chin also spoke about the Israeli diamond that is expected to be selected soon in the draft: “Abdia is going to be a vital player. If he is going to work hard, learn basketball and look for ways to expand his game, he could fit into the NBA perfectly.”


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