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Francesco Fredella

Now Rocco Fredella turn page. Marries. The famous knight of Men and women – the program of Maria De Filippi on Canale 5 -, back in the limelight for its history with Gemma Galgani, find your smile. Rewind: he had courted her and she had first accepted and then stopped. But without forgetting the twist: the return of Gemma da Rocco, who preferred to say bye bye. But the knight decided, in some way, to retrace those days in a very particular way: the yes takes place in the castle of Alviano (in Lazio). It is there that him and Doriana they exchanged their marriage vows. “I went right to the castle where I caught that two of spades that I never digested because in my opinion a woman cannot say no to such a beautiful gift. I wanted to show myself that if you give the story to a woman who loves you, there can be a happy ending”, Says Rocco Fredella in an interview. Who knows what Gemma will think, who seems to be experiencing a moment of confusion after the flirt con Sirius (the young commander of the Merchant Navy). Among them, after a long period of courtship, love seems to have broken out. But then everything fell apart. Indeed, Gemma seems to have rethought this whole adventure by deciding to tack completely. But we will know the rest starting from September, when it will return on the air Men and women.

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