The famous “Flots Bleus” campsite, gradually eroded by the dune of Pilat


In Gironde, the erosion of the highest dune in Europe slowly disperses the sand that composes it, which threatens the surrounding installations. Thus, the Dune campsite, which served as the backdrop for the film “Camping” with Franck Dubosc, has lost around thirty meters of land in ten years.

REPORTAGEIt is a majestic, but fragile mountain of sand. The dune of Pilat continues to sag a little more each year. In one year alone, she lost nearly four meters, from 106.4 meters to 102.5 meters, her lowest level in a decade. Result… the flowing sand nibbles the land a little more, which is not without consequences for the campsites in the Arcachon basin which lose a little more space each year.

“Our site is quite far from the dune, we still have a few years before our site is taken… by the sand.” If Grégory is already considering that his bungalow in place E26 will be buried one day, it is because he can see that the Dune campsite, popularized under the name “Flots Bleus” by the film Camping with Franck Dubosc, and where he has spent all his summers for nine years, undergoes a metamorphosis.

“I lost around 60 to 70 locations”

“The volleyball court had to be moved because the dune encroaches on the campsite,” he says. It is also a swimming pool and even, last year, toilets which disappeared. Strong gales in autumn and winter sweep the dune crest. The sand thus displaced inexorably nibbles the campsite that Franck Couderc has managed for ten years. “I lost around 60 to 70 pitches, or around 30 meters. We had to rearrange other pitches for motorhomes,” he explains.

Even with a total shortfall of 100,000 euros, this manager takes it with philosophy. “Yes, camping can disappear in 20 to 30 years”, but he insists: “we will not go against nature.”

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