The extension of the state of emergency? Essential. The minister of the University Manfredi says so [VIDEO]


The words of the minister of the University on the sidelines of a meeting of the Democratic Party in Naples on the state of emergency and the situation inside the universities.

“The extension of the state of emergency? Is essential”. So did the Minister of University and Research Gaetano Manfredi intervened in Naples at the programmatic conference of the metropolitan Democratic Party.

“We must guarantee and protect the safety of citizens beyond any political discussion. We need – said the minister – rapid interventions, in compliance with the Constitution, to provide answers to the country’s health security “.

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Then on the lessons in attendance he adds: “From September we start again with face-to-face lessons, but universities will need to keep the channel for distance lessons for those who will not be able to access face-to-face lessons, such as foreign students and long-distance commuters, or in case where the shift in the classrooms will not allow a presence of all students every day “.

State of emergency, what it means

To move from words to deeds, a new resolution of the Council of Ministers is needed, after that of January 31, 2020, published in the Official Journal of February 1, 2020 n. 26, which had declared a state of emergency for six months as a consequence of the health risk associated with the onset of diseases deriving from transmissible viral agents. When a state of emergency it ends, a further resolution of the Council of Ministers is needed to extend it or to close it, with a return to normal and ordinary procedures. Current numbers, however, do not allow this.

The state of emergency can be declared when natural disasters or events related to human activity in Italy occur or are imminent. It can also be declared in the event of serious events abroad in which the Italian civil protection participates directly. The Civil Protection Code (Legislative Decree n.1 of 2 January 2018), redefines the duration of the state of emergency of national importance, bringing it to a maximum of 12 months, extendable by a further 12 months.

The Council of Ministers can deliberate the national state of emergency, without the need to go through Parliament, for type C disasters. In Italy, in fact, these events are classified into 3 types based on the extent, intensity and response capacity of the civil protection system: type A provides a direction of interventions at municipal level, type B at provincial and regional level, the type C nationally. The state of emergency can also be declared by the Council of Ministers as a preventive measure, that is “upon the occurrence or imminence of natural disasters or events related to human activity in Italy”. It can also be declared in the event of “serious events abroad in which the Italian Civil Protection participates directly”. At the end of the state of emergency, a “closure” order is issued, which governs and regulates the takeover of the competent administration on an ordinary basis and therefore the return to normal.

This is a scenario that sees the M5S favorable, starting from the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, up to the Democratic Party. On the other hand, Italia Viva is colder.

Return to class: masks, distancing and school doctor. The CTS replies. DOWNLOAD PDF

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