The expert: “The normal climate returns That beautiful cool from old summer” –


The expert: “The normal climate returns

That nice cool from old summer »

The meteorologist: the Azores anticyclone and the rains mitigate the air There is no longer that abnormal 35 degree heat

After terrible summers in terms of weather and climate, characterized by a succession of fiery “heat waves”, which marked the climate from June until September, and exasperated people, in this period, and not only in Valtellina, “you can breathe” .

You sleep at night, temperatures on hot days reach 32 degrees.

But constantly, after two or three days in succession in which the heat seems to impose itself, the evening and night storm arrives. And we return to spread the cover over the sheet, maybe even the “duvet”. It is the Mediterranean summer that after a decade of anomalies and thermal increases returns to dominate. The exceptional nature and importance of this weather data must not be overlooked.

The forecaster and meteorologist Luca Pace, of the specialized portal 3B Meteo, always talks about it, always informed and attentive to what is the particular weather situation in our province.

“Normal weather, finally – he says – not only Lombardy and its alpine area, but more or less all the regions of Italy are living under the influence of the Azores anticyclone. The traditional high pressure area that characterized our summers with its mildness making the climate pleasant in our country ». We are relieved after several consecutive summers by the “African heat”.

“Without a doubt – Pace continues – there have not been those peaks of heat to which unfortunately we were recently getting used to, caused by the high pressure incursions of African origin”.

Breaks that brought temperatures to 36, 37 degrees and above all over Italy, and that lasted for weeks. «Instead, we have periods of beautiful weather, interspersed with thunderstorm breaks that arrive in Lombardy but in general throughout Northern Italy. Even now, for example, a phase of good weather is opening, but we do not exclude the arrival of another disturbance between Wednesday and Thursday that could bring rain to the Alps. ”

We return to much more temperate summers, especially in the mountains, in the Alpine resorts accustomed up to a couple of decades ago to greet “the storm after the heat, in the afternoon and evening hours”. In short, welcome to normal.

“That’s right – 3B Meteo still points out – we can speak for the current summer of a typical Mediterranean summer with periods of high pressure interspersed with stormy events”. Unfortunately, with thunderstorms there is also the risk of hail.

«Unfortunately, in the north as in the center and south, when a lot of energy accumulates on the ground, thunderstorms can occur accompanied by great events. It is not a rule but in recent months we have had some with large grains too. But, here, all this is part of the normal random weather ». The abnormality “is what has characterized recent years with the high African pressure that had taken the place of the Azores anticyclone. Now we are witnessing a change of pace. And even in the medium term, let’s say for the month of July we should continue according to this script ». For Valtellina the weather is now part of the custom of the summer climate of the Alpine belt, with thunderstorms forming part of this normality.

“The anomaly was temperatures at 35 degrees and above.” Even zero heat and ice are ok.

“We are in the average for the period and in June we saw snow and glaciers in the Central Alps regaining consistency – concludes the expert reassuringly -. The rains did well. We say that it is doing quite well even at high altitude, a more dynamic climate, like the one we are experiencing, also brings conditions of benefit ».


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