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Anton Shabanov, head of investment products at Otkritie Broker, commented on a study by Rosgosstrakh Bank and NAFI experts, according to which about 30% of Russians can withdraw their funds from banks with a further decrease in deposit rates.

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In an interview with FBA “Economics Today” Shabanov noted that the Bank of Russia is closely following the situation on the market.

“That is, Russians should not wait for shocks, as well as worry about their savings in bank accounts. However, certain processes will still be started. Namely, a complete restructuring of the banking sector, ”the expert predicts.

According to him, banks will have to look for new, more profitable financial instruments in order to offer them to clients.

“As a concept, deposits will not disappear, but it will be impossible to earn more on them. There are other financial instruments to make a profit, ”Shabanov said.

Earlier, the Director General of Organization of Personal Finance, Alena Nikitina, in an interview with URA.RU, commented on the situation with cash deposits of Russian citizens after the introduction of the new tax.

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