The Eurométropole Tour also does not survive the laws of the coronavirus Cycling


The cycling calendar has been redesigned several times in recent months, but the calendar continues to change due to the coronavirus’s flare-up.

The 80th edition of the Eurométropole Tour also falls into the water. The organization is scraping the 1.Pro course that would be ridden on September 12.

The organization took the decision in consultation with the municipal authorities of La Louvière and Tournai, the start and finish points.

The decision came “after an in-depth analysis of the current health situation and taking into account preventive measures to be taken against Covid-19,” the organizers report. The eightieth edition has therefore been postponed to 2021.

The profit went to Piet Allegaert in Tournai in 2019. He was ahead of the Frenchman Florian Sénéchal and Jasper Stuyven.

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