the discount of up to 500 euros is valid by December


There were seventy-five thousand at the beginning of the morning, already by mid-day they had reached 110,000, in the evening the number increased to 146,000. They are the people who connected with the Io pa app, entered their digital identity and downloaded the alphanumeric barcode which entitles the holiday bonus. It is difficult to say that the Italians do not like the measure. Yesterday was the first day to use it and many hurried to call the various tourist facilities, from hotels to b & b to camping sites, to book the coveted holiday with the discount. The bonus reaches up to 500 euros per household, a not bad figure. Just yesterday – the Ministry of Tourism reports – almost 70 million euros in bonuses were credited. For 451 people they have already turned into a discount on the newly booked holidays. And the summer is long, it has just begun. Among other things, the bonus can be used until the end of December, and there is no shortage of money for now: the government makes a total of 2.1 billion euros available.

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Yesterday’s results deny the cassandras that predicted a sensational flop. Including the same representative organizations of tour operators who, given the vertical collapse of the sector and its impact on GDP (13%), preferred direct aid and remain critical on the formula of the tax credit.

The government through the minister Franceschini instead rejoices and replies for the rhymes to the opposition that is cheering for the measure to be a failure. The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, has already tweeted a comment to vitriol since the morning: and tourism entrepreneurs to anticipate the money!) also has some user side problems. Many requests sent are immediately expired. Are we already on July 2 for government sites? ‘ The response of the Minister of Tourism who waves the data is immediate: «I gladly inform Matteo Salvini that while he cheers for a flop of the holiday bonus on the skin of citizens and hotels, the bonuses already paid by midnight have just exceeded 100,000 and the average time of waiting between request and receipt of the bonus is 1 minute ». In the evening a ministerial note then updated the figure: 146..000 requests were made.

For the opposition, however, it is a non-significant number, because then – says the chairman of the Senate of Forza Italy Annamaria Bernini – “only four percent of hotels accept holiday bonus.”

A statement denied by the president of Federalberghi, Bernabò Bocca, who is also very critical of the measure: “I am hearing controversy around hotels that do not accept the bonus, it is a falsehood. With this situation, I don’t think anyone sends customers away even with the holiday voucher. We have jobs of even 20-30% let alone if we do not accept everything that arrives. Then if you maybe think of using a holiday voucher on August 15th in Forte dei Marmi there will probably be some difficulties ». Mouth admits: «As I said, we will be happy if many families download the coupons, come to the hotels and we will be proved wrong. We await them with open arms, however, I repeat that the situation of Italian hotels is very serious and very heavy, there are no signs of recovery, even the slightest. We are moving forward without Americans, without Brazilians, without Russians, without Indians: we are doing without “rich” tourists. We had something from Canada and Japan but Italy wants to be first in the class and has imposed a quarantine. ” In any case, for Bernabò Bocca it is essential that the government make a commitment: «The accounts of how much the holiday bonus we don’t do them on the first day but we will do them at the end of the season. At the end of September we will see how much of these billions have been used. In case of residues, they must be left to hotels, tourism. What then do not say: “If it advances a billion we give it to agriculture!” Tourism needs those funds, because it is the sector most affected ».

For Confesercenti, having made the bonus accessible only via the app “was a mistake, especially for the older sections of the population. Furthermore, it is still unclear how to allow companies to sell the bonus received from third parties, and the amount of the benefit is still too low: 500 euros is not enough “. Meanwhile, between lower financial availability compared to last year and prolonged lockdown anxiety, according to a survey done by psychologists, one third of Italians will not leave for holidays. And 63% of those who will take a vacation say they are worried about leaving.

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