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Football news Napoli, Alvino spoke about the situation of the Italian club

Latest football Napoli – Carlo Alvino spoke live on the official S.S.C. Napoli, Kiss Kiss Napoli, during the ‘Radio Goal’ broadcast, to talk about Napoli football. Here is what highlighted by CN24:


“Gattuso is a motivator and not recognizing him would be giving him no credit. Napoli in Bergamo was flawless, failed in the head. Ready away, in the second half, he allowed himself to Atalanta. The races from here to the end of the championship will serve reach fifth place not fourth. They will prepare for the Champions League game with Barcelona. Gattuso will have asked his team to better approach the matches from here to the end. Osimhen? Total agreement of the player with Napoli, including image rights and Every hour can be the good one to close the purchase, we are looking for an agreement with Lille that would like to monetize and not receive technical counterparts If Lille opens to the inclusion of Ounas, Napoli must agree to a discount on its evaluation. Gabriel? It is not a joint operation. Speech that remains standing but there is no hurry. There is always open Koulibaly speech. “

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