The Deputy Budget Officer resigns after 12 years of work in the General Division


The Ministry of Finance reports that the deputy budget commissioner, Ariel Yotzer, informed the budget commissioner, Shaul Meridor, of the termination of his position after 12 years of work in the division.

Creator began his career in the Budget Division in 2008 as a real estate and planning advocate, later serving as coordinator of housing and construction and coordinator of the field of interior and local government. In 2017, a creator was appointed to the position of Deputy Budget Commissioner for Real Estate and Local Government, as well as to the position of Chairman of the Hotamal (Committee for Preferred Housing Complexes).

As part of his role, Ariel led a series of reforms and structural changes, including: creating the model for long-term rental housing complexes, increasing competition in the cement market, promoting the law to establish a fund to reduce gaps in local government, formulating dozens of umbrella agreements with local authorities across the country, leading budget discussions and responsibilities Current budgets of government ministries – Israel Land Authority, Planning Administration, Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Negev and Galilee, Religions and Jerusalem. In addition, as part of the economic plan to deal with the corona crisis, Yotzer led the move to exempt business property taxes from the Ministry of the Interior and all local authorities in Israel.

In addition to his role as Deputy Budget Officer, for the past three years he has served as chairman of the Committee for Preferred Housing Complexes (and TAML). During his tenure as chairman of the committee, about 200,000 housing units were approved. Among the main plans that have been approved: the Kiryat Shachakim plan in Herzliya, a plan for urban renewal in Kiryat Moshe in Rehovot, the Sirkin plan, the Ben Shemen plan in Lod, and more.





Shaul Meridor, budget manager: “I thank Ariel for many years of work in the public sector, in which he worked to promote reforms and large-scale moves, for the economy and society in the State of Israel. Ariel always worked professionally, with dedication and a sense of mission. I wish him great success along the way.” .

Ariel Yotzer, Deputy Budget Officer: “I am ending my position in the Ministry of Finance at the end of a long period of work, in which I was given the privilege to be a partner and lead initiatives that changed and improved society and the economy. “It is time to move on to the next challenge. I thank the Commissioner for Budgets, Shaul Meridor, for the great partnership and trust, and wish him and the employees of the Ministry of Finance and the Budget Division success along the way in the great tasks and challenges they face.”

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