The court published the name of a divorcee and his father: “Cruel refusal”


Demonstration against refusal to divorce, archive (Photo: Miriam Elster / Flash 90)

The Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court allowed the publication of the name of Chaim Yehuda Hoffman, who refuses to grant a divorce to his wife, thus anchoring her, as well as the name of his father, Yaakov Hoffman, who is behind his son’s refusal to grant a divorce to Aguna.

In the past, the court has ruled that Jacob Hoffman is his bride’s real anchor, and that he is behind his son’s cruel and meaningless refusal to uphold the verdict that must release her in a divorce. An appeal filed against this verdict was denied, and the attorney general ordered a criminal investigation opened against Jacob Hoffman on suspicion of soliciting his son for violating a legal provision to grant a divorce to his wife.

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Yaakov Hoffman appealed to the High Court against the attorney general’s decision, but his petition was rejected while Judge Yitzhak Amit wrote in the verdict that: “The whole saga before us would never have happened if the petitioner had declared in the first place that he was available to the court and cooperated “.

“Instead, and as can be seen from the comprehensive and thorough rulings of the courts, petitioner has repeatedly confronted the judges, in a way that can only be defined as boldness and as an attempt to intimidate the court. And such will not be done in our places.”

Then, about two years ago, the court imposed a daily fine of NIS 5,000 on Yaakov Hoffman until the day the aguna receives a divorce. An appeal on the matter was dismissed by the Grand Rabbinical Court, and an attempt to quash the fine was dismissed in the Supreme Court.

“New Peaks of Painful Injury”

Supreme Court Judge David Mintz’s verdict paints a bleak picture: “This case seems to reveal new records of painful injury to the life of a woman who did not improve her fate, and as a young mother of two minor children suffered a severe stroke after which she was left disabled and disabled. And has been refusing to release her for years. “

“The circumstances of the case do not reveal any reason to intervene in the detailed factual decisions of the Regional Rabbinical Court and the Grand Rabbinical Court, according to which the applicant is given the key – and if not the key then at least the opening – to bring the affair to an end. Choose nose and bold forehead. “

The legal process is accompanied by a distorted aggressive media campaign

The Rabbinical Court noted that: “For more than four years, the legal process has been accompanied by an aggressive media campaign that deliberately, trendingly and systematically distorts the basic facts of this serious anchoring affair. “Haredi – trending news as well as ‘cover articles’ whose purpose, ostensibly, is to frustrate the judicial process and influence its results.”

Due to all this, the court granted the aguna’s request to publish the names of her anchor husband and father, Chaim Yehuda Hoffman and Yaakov Hoffman, and signed with the words:

Advocate for the refusal of the divorce, Adv. Prof. Aviad HaCohen, said in response to the decision: “The publication of the name of the father of the anchor and his son is a necessary step. To drown a world until they release the woman from the anchorage she is in because of them. “

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