The Corona Commission has approved the opening of gyms


The Corona Committee, chaired by Yifat Shasha Bitton, reversed the government’s decision and approved the opening of gyms and studios starting at 6:00 a.m. Sunday. The committee also excluded museums, zoos and tourist attractions – which will remain open on weekends.

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“We are allowing the opening of the gyms on Sunday morning with the intention of giving the government time to formulate an outline that can meet the need to maintain public health and at the same time continue the existence of the industry,” said MK Shasha Bitton chairman of the Corona Committee.

In a discussion held by the committee this morning (Thursday) on restrictions on gyms and the closure of museums and attractions over the weekend, the Ministry of Health found it difficult to present data on the number of people infected with the corona virus in gyms in Israel. Despite this, a representative of the ministry continued to demand their continued closure.

Drunk Foundation CEO Holmes Place Photo: Amit Shaal

Representatives of the gyms sought to immediately open the gyms for the benefit of the gymnasts and in order to save the industry from collapsing. Drunk Foundation CEO Holmes Place, almost begged to open the institutes. “We need air,” Drunk said at the committee. “Yesterday at a demonstration of the industry people said they had no air and were closing the studio. Customers beg us to open. People aged 65 will die of depression and not of the corona if they do not return to sports. We prefer to be opened even at the price of a pendulum which means opening and closing. The Ministry of Health demonized us. It’s a big injustice to what my industry is doing and it hurts my heart. I would like to open the gyms today. Even for two hours. They opened the sea and opened the restaurants and left us closed. ”

Prof. Eitan Friedman from Sheba Hospital presented data from a study published in a scientific journal in the world. “I am a scientist and a doctor and I want to look at the data,” Prof. Friedman demanded. “And if the Ministry of Health does not have data, I will give him a study that tried to answer the question of the rate of infections in gyms. The study found that one in 3,000 trainees contracted in Corona and he did not contract in a gym. Physically, the data have meaning and it is impossible to say that the requirement to obtain data is a childish requirement. The major causes of death and serious illness were obesity. ”

Ehud Ratzabi, chairman of the ILAN association that treats injured children, also participated in the discussion and asked to exclude the two gyms that the association operates for the injured children. “When we talk about gyms we see people working on their looks and style. And we are talking about the muscle tone of the injured people who have to work every day on their body from a health point of view. If they close our gyms it could cause them to deteriorate physically. “Our request, which we submitted about a week ago, was to exclude ILAN’s two gyms out of importance for the health of patients.”

Prof. Hagai Levin, chairman of the Association of Public Health Physicians, said: “It is possible in certain non-red areas to allow the activity of gyms and in red areas to restrict activity.”

Dr. Emilia Ennis, director of the epidemiology department at the Ministry of Health, was drawn to a theory about outbreaks in gyms around the world and in Israel, but did not comment on the data and present numbers on cases of infection she talked about and recommended switching to outdoor fitness training, ignoring the economic collapse. Of the fitness industry in Israel. “Unfortunately we are not Norway and we had over 2,000 new patients yesterday. We had infection in gyms and these are the facts. Even if we do not have exact numbers we know the phenomenon exists. I think it’s very important to exercise, but I’m exercising outside today. You can also exercise at home, you just need to be aware. You can do a lot of sports activities indoors and outdoors and still stay healthy. ”

“I heard my colleague Prof. Levin’s suggestion about red areas and places with lower morbidity,” Dr. Ennis added. “I want to say unequivocally that morbidity is a widespread disease. At the theory level it is easy to say you will operate in some places and not in others, but in practice it is not possible to implement it because there is morbidity in about 200 localities and it is dynamic and variable. We are responsible for issuing guidelines that can be implemented, so take that into account. ”

Committee Chairman Shasha Bitton asked how much the elected officials can sacrifice as a whole this whole industry in relation to data known to the Ministry of Health. “We have a steady morbidity graph since the gyms opened. If only this industry is taken, its closure will not contribute to the promotion of morbidity. If I’m going to take the heat of 100,000 households in Israel. How much will it contribute to my health? When we opened the ballrooms we saw a huge jump in morbidity. We did not see that we opened the gyms. ”

Nava Kessler, chairman of the Israel Museums Association, said that the situation of museums in Israel today is very bad. “Although it was possible to open, many museums were unable to open their doors. We are very afraid that there will be a collapse of museums that will not be able to get through this crisis. The number of visitors is small and we no longer have donations, as the donors have diverted the donations to other issues. 13% of the world’s museums certainly will not survive the corona crisis. “The Corona plague alone is very threatening to the existence of the museums and many workers are still in the IDF. In Israel, unlike in the world, science museums have not been allowed to open yet. The state must preserve these workers, it is part of our social resilience.”

Alon Safan, director general of the Museum of Nature, added, “The museums follow the guidelines of the purple character and the ordering of tickets is done online. We have the ability to monitor visitors. Museums are non-profit public institutions. Science museums have been opened all over Europe, and not in Israel. ”

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