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The Coalition’s Orpo was disappointed with the result of the EU negotiations: “Finland’s share seems to remain thin” – Politics


In particular, the opposition criticizes the “watering down” of the rule of law and the cuts in research and work on climate change. The government’s negotiation strategy is also being criticized.

EU size The negotiations on the EU’s multiannual financial framework and recovery instrument, which lasted more than 90 hours, were concluded early on Tuesday morning. Prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) says that the end result is good from Finland’s point of view and the most important things were achieved. Of the recovery package, EUR 390 billion is in grants to Member States and EUR 360 billion in loans.

It is estimated that Finland will receive EUR 3.2 billion in EU emergency funding in 2021–2023. During the years 2021–2058, Finland will pay a total of EUR 6.6 billion for the recovery package.

Finland estimates that its own EU payments will increase by approximately EUR 100 million per year in the next seven-year budget period. According to its own estimates, Finland will receive EUR 11.1 billion from the total seven-year budget and pay EUR 16.7 billion in the coming period, ie Finland’s net payment position will improve slightly from the previous one.

Opposition Party Chairman of the Coalition Party Petteri Orpo estimates on Twitter that the outcome of the negotiations is disappointing.

– Finland gained more loan emphasis, but the EU had to compromise on research and measures to combat climate change, which are needed right now.

Eight billion euros were cut from the Horizon Europe research program in the final negotiations. Investigator Timo Miettinen estimates on Twitterthat virtually no money was added to the study.

The size of the Fair Transition Fund for Climate Change was cut from the original plan of 40 billion to 10 billion.

According to Orpo, Finland’s share of the total pot is becoming small.

– Although more money is being spent, Finland’s share seems to be thin, he writes.

One of Finland’s conditions was that EU funding be tied to compliance with the rule of law. This has been opposed, in particular, by Poland and Hungary. The mechanism was driven into the package. However, according to Orpo, it is “watered down”.

– The rule of law mechanism seems watered down. Visegrad countries glow with the end result, we are praised. There is a big contradiction here, and it is not good for Finland. What exactly has been agreed? I am waiting for the Prime Minister to clarify this, Orpo demands.

On Twitter, Miettinen estimates that the record of the rule of law is “largely vague”.

Sinuhe Wallinheimo (kok) criticizes Finland’s negotiation strategy on Twitter. According to Wallinheimo, Finland should have been involved in an alliance.

– The strategy was chosen incorrectly. There were no alliances and trying to be a small country was a bit of a guy for everyone. That tactic often leaves a bone in the hand. Demari PMIt (Stefan) Löfven and (Mette) Fredriksen work great with the skewer foursome.

The True Finns Vice-Chairman Riikka Purra according to him, the corona crisis was used as an excuse to promote the federal development of the EU.

– There is no talk of “winning Finland” – and it would not even be possible in the current EU (ro) system, he estimates on Twitter.

Purra’s party colleague Ville Tavio again says that it questions the benefits that Finland is getting from the package.

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