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The Coalition Party calls on all parties to negotiate an EU recovery package – Politics


According to the Coalition Party, Prime Minister Sanna Marini’s activities at the EU summit must be carefully examined in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. Basic Finns have accused Marinia of violating the constitution.

The opposition Party of the Coalition Party urges the government to invite all parliamentary parties to negotiations on a massive recovery package for the European Union.

Chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group Kai Mykkäsen According to him, negotiations between the parties are needed in order to make the final decision of the Parliament on the recovery package “in the interests of the Finns”.

– This information is not yet ready to be accepted with this information, Mykkänen tells STT.

According to Mykkänen, a suitable time for the parties’ negotiations would be as soon as the government is able to respond to the concerns raised.

The Coalition Parliamentary Group and the party government talked this morning for a couple of hours about the agreement reached by EU leaders on the recovery package and the Union’s multiannual budget.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) has strongly advocated in recent days an agreement on a huge € 750 billion recovery package. The support package would provide € 390 billion in grants and € 360 billion in loans to member states.

Of the opposition, the Basic Finns in particular have criticized the recovery package and Marin’s actions at the summit that ended on Tuesday. Also chairman of the Coalition Petteri Orpo has described the content of the agreement as disappointing in principle, although according to Orpo it is good for the EU that an agreement was reached.

Mykkänen considers Macron’s speeches to be warning

According to Mykkänen, today’s debate confirmed the notion that the Coalition Party is not in favor of a leap into a “union of moral deprivation” based on income transfers between member states.

It has been important for the Coalition Party that each member state bears its own debts.

– This must not slip as a step towards the neighbors’ spike, which the French President (Emmanuel Macronin) interpretations are cautionary, Mykkänen says.

According to him, the agricultural and regional subsidies negotiated by Prime Minister Marin for Finland will not help if at the same time “a credit card is given into the hands of a neighbor”.

Another concern of the Coalition Party remains whether the use of EU money can be linked to the rule of law. This was also one of the Finnish government’s key objectives in the EU negotiations.

In the final stages of the summit, the recording of the rule of law mechanism became more vague, which has been seen as a concession to Poland and Hungary. This has been assessed by, among others, the University Researcher Timo Miettinen From the University of Helsinki.

The Coalition Party still needs answers to concerns, in particular about the threat of the income transfer union and the rule of law mechanism.

– This package is not yet clear. That is why we are not yet taking a stand. We hope that the waters will be clarified in these matters, and after that we will do our part, Mykkänen says.

Finding things out more urgently

Speaker of Parliament Anu Vehviläinen (Central) announced yesterday that he would not convene Parliament during the summer recess.

A group of Basic Finns had demanded that Parliament convene because of the EU’s recovery package. According to Vehviläinen, however, the matter does not require urgent decisions from Parliament right now.

The Coalition Party does not have a strict position on the timetable, but according to Mykkänen, “honest settlement of things” is more important than hurry.

– This is the final national decision-making only in late autumn. To that extent, it is better that things are now being thoroughly clarified.

In the opinion of the Basic Finnish Parliamentary Group, Marin had probably violated the Constitution and acted contrary to the position of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs at the EU summit.

Yesterday, Marin demanded the group leader of the basic Finns Ville Taviota to specify where he has acted in violation of the Constitution.

On Twitter, Tavio responded in a straightforward style to the prime minister’s tweet.

– Don’t pretend to be stupid. You are well aware that this is about bypassing the legal boundary conditions of the opinion of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (PeVL 16/2020), Tavio wrote.

In the opinion of the Coalition Party Mykkänen, the issue must be carefully examined under the leadership of the Constitutional Committee. According to him, the Coalition does not want to politicize the interpretation of the Constitution and therefore does not take the “group position of lay MPs” on whether the government has interpreted the Constitution correctly or incorrectly.

– This is a serious question, it should not be underestimated, Mykkänen says

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