The coalition is rapidly disintegrating and the government is busy with an election economy


The signs are screaming: NIS 6 billion in grants for everyone! Even for those who do not need. The purpose of funding the public is to mark elections on the path to the spread of values.

Another sign: closing agreements with social workers and siblings. This is an “election economy”, but this time it is positive.

Another sign: the disintegration of coalition discipline, which took place briefly in May-early June. Discipline, led by coalition chairman Mickey Zohar, worked when they needed to amend the Basic Law of Government, expanding it to 36 ministers and 16 deputies, and amending the “Norwegian law” so that blue-and-whites would fire ministers and add MKs to the faction.

When the personal legislation ended, coalition discipline came to an end.

And the salient sign: the 2020-2021 budget law, which was supposed to pass the government about a month ago, has not yet been submitted to the government. And Netanyahu and Gantz – do not rush. Deadlines have been set in the Basic Law of the Government: the last day for a vote in three budget readings is August 25; And no, the 23rd Knesset will be dissolved!

Biennial budget? An annual for three months? Does not matter. The state will continue to run on the 2019 budget (one part 12). The interim situation is comfortable for Netanyahu, he said recently when he longed to describe the days of emergency regulations on Passover, when he did what he wanted, without MKs in the back of his mind.

According to a very senior Likud minister to “Globes”, the scenario of the Knesset dissolving due to lack of budget is imminent. “Crazy scenario,” he said. But the power is in Netanyahu’s hands and even he signed with his successor, Minister Ganz, who will transfer a biennial budget, to 2020-2021, immediately after he began violating his commitment.

Who will run the coalition?

Coalition chairman MK Zohar admitted that “the political connection between us in blue and white could not continue unless there was a change. The situation leads to government instability, and causes coalition members to do as they please without discipline. It is time to decide: transfer of budget “A stable government, and a functioning coalition, or go to the polls.” A sign that the election is already here.

Glow is dizzying. He has recently skipped between multiple interviews (“Power, Money, Honor,” his three caps), to what should be leading an agenda, negotiating with politicians, and quiet work.

In his leaps, his legs became entangled with each other, and he fell-failed. The head did not give clear instructions to the skipping legs.

We talked this week with many MKs and ministers in the Likud. We had a hard time finding defenders for Zohar. “A man, with zero management abilities,” said one who was a little disappointed. MKs Hefetz Chaim in the Likud, would not get involved with him, but cooperate. An insight that has strengthened since he was appointed Minister of Finance.

For example, the second Knesset member Keren Barak saw that Zohar was attacking Katz in the Finance Committee (“You are cut off from the public … to consider continuing your tenure”), she asked Zohar to stop and calm down; , And hurting the public.But Zohar, who is supposed to lead-manage the vote on the state budget (when it comes), continued to burn bridges.

For those who thought that Zohar came to the Finance Committee on Monday morning, and something happened there that made him spring-boil, we are told that this was not the case. The night before, Zohar erupted at Minister Katz at a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office with restaurateurs, bar and club owners, and business sector leaders. People who attended the meeting told about the incident.

Zohar was not supposed to attend the meeting, and arrived by surprise. He demanded that banquet halls be included in the arrangements, and argued with Katz, although the issue of events (weddings, bar mitzvahs) was recognized by the Ministry of Health as a source of infection in May-June.

One of Netanyahu’s senior advisers told Zohar: “Mickey, what are you doing at this meeting?” And Zohar (offended?) Came out in a rage and said, “Like this? We will meet in the Knesset.”

According to a senior Likud member for “Globes,” Zohar was dizzy from his prominence in the media and the fact that Netanyahu needs him to move moves. To Zohar, this is a deal, the senior said. A deal that is supposed to be a complete protection for Netanyahu from the media and the protesters, and in return – to give him freedom to lead moves that are important to him.

Katz bluntly called it: “You are a lobbyist for the event halls and the insurance agents. The opposition is more responsible than you are. ”

A senior minister told Netanyahu this week: “You do not have a coalition chairman in the Knesset, he does not control the situation, MKs do not support committees in government laws. Shas is also not happy with it.

Is Netanyahu planning to replace him?

The vote in the Likud, and the violation of discipline, will also be witnessed by the vote on the “Law for the Prohibition of Conversion Therapy.” The Likud did not show up to maintain their alliance with the ultra-Orthodox, who were furious. Litzman and Gafni fired in all directions. They attacked Gantz, Nissenkorn and the Likud. Even the “Great Corona Law,” which was voted on Wednesday night and Thursday, did not garner much mobilization and passed at 48:35. Where did the 24 MKs of the coalition go? “The bill banning conversion therapy that passed yesterday is a blunder by coalition chairman Zohar.”

Once again, we clung to senior Likud members. “There is now an axis, which represents the Prime Minister’s House … Osnat Mark, Shlomo Karai, Amir Ohana, Yariv Levin,” is of increasing importance, with Levin being the most senior associate.

The Likud official continued: “If Qarai blames Zohar in a radio interview, when even he did not bother to vote, it means that Balfour is considering replacing Zohar with Qarai. He was sent to say that. “They finished using glow. That’s the story.”

What’s going on in blue and white

The political situation in blue and white is very bad. The disputes in the Likud are fascinating, but there is no honey in the Gantz kingdom either. Surveys show a downward trend. From the moment the divorce illuminates Lapid, they are on the graph below, and Lapid on the rise. In the Likud, there is at least popularity for the leader, and the party is not close to losing its position in power.

The senior staff of Blue and White learn about the government’s moves in retrospect. Not a “Corona emergency government” and not a unity government, but a “paralysis and loss government”.

Distribution of grants of 6 billion? Ganz heard this in the media. He sent Minister Amir Peretz to work on changing the plan, and Peretz succeeded and failed at the same time. He worked to change its terms so that more money would be transferred to the needy, single parents, the elderly, recipients of benefits. But in Netanyahu’s estimation, the demands are delaying implementation, and right now, everything is stuck.

Appointment of a senior planner to treat the plague? Netanyahu and Edelstein pulled it off for three weeks. Generals Roni Noma and Amir Avioz-Abulafia; Prof. Gabi Barbash, and at the end of the night, Netanyahu and Edelstein sent a press release, without informing Ganz. And the chosen one – Prof. Roni Gamzo, whose name has not been mentioned before.

In blue and white they internalize that the rotation will not come, and in the time left it is better for them to fight for some principles of the left, and carefully choose the “mast fight”. Joining Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) and Merav Michaeli (Labor), to ban conversion therapies. It was a sweet but prejudicial victory of the left, which provoked angry reactions from Minister David Amsalem, ripped apart and more on the right.

As far as Ganz is concerned, the fabric of relations between him and the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox parties, Klitzman and Kagafni, has been damaged. Ganz continues to work too gently for the ultra-Orthodox public, in order to bring them closer to him. He sent Minister Omar Yankelevich to meetings in the ultra-Orthodox cities, and worked with the assistance of the Ministry of Defense to fight the corona in the cities of Beit Shemesh, Elad, and Bnei Brak.

This week, Yankelevitz succeeded, and was received at the home of a member of the Council of Torah Scholars, Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, son-in-law of Rabbi Elyashiv.

The Sisyphean work in the field, will not pay off for Gantz on command day. The ultra-Orthodox will stick to the Likud. The achievement that may take place here is a non-reservation of a joint meeting with Ganz in the next coalition. And where are the promises of the ultra-Orthodox who will guarantee Gantz that the coalition agreement will mature and become prime minister?

Minister Aryeh Deri, who appeared extensively in the media during the negotiations between Gantz and Netanyahu, recently disappeared.

Will Deri keep his word and make sure Ganz is the prime minister? Promised! But did not promise to keep.

MK Miki Zohar’s response: “‘Confidential’ statements by ministers and MKs against me remind me of similar statements made against the Prime Minister on a regular basis. It is well known to those “critics” that the Prime Minister fully supports me in my work and that I am fully coordinated with him, so there is no point in taking the allegations made against me seriously because they are not really relevant. And blue and white and until that situation does not change, it is difficult for me to see how this coalition will stabilize. ”

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