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The Little Big group’s video for the song Uno, posted on the Eurovision’s YouTube channel, gained 134 million views and became the most popular material for the entire existence of the page. The previous record, 133 million views, belonged to Israeli singer Netta Barzilai with the video Toy.

Little Big has set a new record on the Eurovision YouTube channel. The video for the song Uno, with which the team was supposed to represent Russia this year, gained 134 million views. Little Big members shared this news in the official account on the Instagram platform.

Fans from different countries congratulated the group on the new achievement: Canada, Spain, Brazil rejoice for Little Big. In the comments to the post, platform users noted that the success is well deserved. “How to win without going on stage,” wrote one of them. Many said that they still continue to review the video.

The official website of the Eurovision Song Contest also posted information about the new record.

The previous record belongs to the representative of Israel Netta Barzilai. The video for the song Toy scored 133.9 million views. This video was posted on the channel 2 years ago ahead of the Lisbon competition, where Netta subsequently took first place. The Little Big clip achieved the best result in just four months.

Soon after the publication, the video for the song Uno became the most viewed among the entries of the 2020 competition.

Little Big’s clips regularly perform well on YouTube. So, in May, the music video Hypnodancer, filmed with the participation of Yuri Muzychenko, Florida Chanturia and Alexander Gudkov, gained 12 million views within two days from the date of publication.

As a result, the video hit YouTube trends in 26 countries. In Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia and Ukraine, Hypnodancer came out on top. In general, the video attracted the attention of viewers almost all over the world – views in Canada, Australia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Finland and other countries brought it to the “Trending” tab.

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Hypnodancer also made the top 5 most watched music videos of the week with 26 million views. The second line of the same chart was occupied by the duet of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber Stuck with U.

In addition, Little Big often receives awards from international music festivals and competitions. More than 20 awards from American and European music and film festivals have received the viral clip Skibidi, the song Lolly Bomb and the song Go Bananas.

Substitution for Eurovision

The Little Big group was supposed to represent Russia at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, but in mid-March the competition was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The European Broadcasting Union has announced that the venue will remain unchanged next year. It is also already known that all performers will submit new songs – compositions that were available on commercial platforms earlier than September 1, 2020 are not allowed to the competition.

The right to choose a participant remains with the broadcaster (in Russia this is Channel One). At the moment, it is not known whether Little Big will go to Rotterdam, or another performer will represent Russia in 2021.

In the absence of a competition, events were organized in a distance format. Directly on the days of the Eurovision Song Contest, online concerts were held with the participation of contestants from different countries, bloggers and fans of the show.

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The program included home videos of musicians (for example, Ilya Prusikin and Sofya Tayurskaya performed an acoustic version of Uno), challenges, discussion of songs and dances to the hits of the competition from the audience. On the day of the final, the Europe Shine A Light show was broadcast on the Internet and on television, in which participants from previous years were also involved.

On the channel of the competition, the Eurovisioncalls section was organized, within which beauty blogger Nikki De Jager interviewed the participants via video link.

The fans also watched the finals of previous years together and shared their impressions under the hashtag #Eurovisionagain.

In addition, the comedy “Eurovision: The Story of a Saga of Fire” starring Will Ferrell and Rachel Mcadams premiered on Netflix in June. Some of the participants and winners of this competition performed cameo roles in it.

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