The Chinese partner has a new interest in saving the former Embraco


The Guandong Electric Power Design Institute Co., a Chinese partner of Ventures, would like to intervene to save the situation of the former Embraco di Riva di Chieri.

The interest in intervening in order to allow the company to resume its activity and to heal the existing debt position, through the acquisition of total control of the same, would have been expressed on June 8th. The expression of interest was addressed to Invitalia which replied that the relations between Ventures and the Whirlpool group had to be clarified in advance.

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“We think that every possibility of restarting industrial activities – declared Fim Fiom and Uilm – should be investigated and practiced to the end, because our goal remains to restore the dignity of work to the over 400 families of workers involved in Turin, which too many times they have had to deal with fictitious industrial plans. For this – they concluded -, for the umpteenth time, it is urgent and necessary that the Ministry of Economic Development play its role and immediately convene the crisis table “.

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