The cash cap falls, the Renzi bonus rises, the holiday bonus enters: the news in force today


A long list of innovations that come into force today, Wednesday 1 July: those launched by the government to fuel consumption on the one hand and to combat tax evasion on the other.

Bonus holidays

We start, given the period, from Holiday Bonus that can be requested by families with valid ISEE up to 40 thousand euros via Spid digital identity and the App of public services IO with QR code to be spent in accommodation facilities, b & b and farmhouses in Italy. There is only one request per family, with decreasing bonuses: 500 euros for families with at least 3 members, 300 for those of two and 150 euros for singles, to be spent exclusively in Italy and in a single solution.

80% of the sum will be discounted directly by the structure on the final account, while the remaining 20% ​​will be worth as an Irpef deduction for the family.

Tax credit for restructuring

From 1 July, the maxi tax credit of 110% for construction works for energy efficiency, seismic adaptation and installation of photovoltaic panels or charging columns for electric vehicles will also enter the system.

Some parameters could still be adjusted, but the basic idea provides for the deduction for the interventions (thermal coat and replacement of heating systems) carried out from 1 July to 31 December which lead to the improvement of two energy classes or the achievement of that higher if double ascent is not possible.



In the presence of those works, the redevelopment interventions can also benefit from the 110% incentive.

Bonus Renzi richer

Running change also for the famous “Renzi Bonus” from 80 euros, which now rises to 100 for the eleven million beneficiaries with income from 8,174 to 26,600 euros.



A contribution that is now also extended to incomes of up to 28 thousand euros.

Different measures, however, for those who receive up to 40 thousand euros, with the bonus becoming a tax deduction: from 480 to 80 euros for those who receive up to 35 thousand euros, between 80 and 0 in the last 35-40 thousand range.



Cash roof drops

There are also two interventions designed to limit the use of cash and to combat tax evasion and money laundering.

The ceiling for the use of cash falls from three to two thousand euros, beyond which it is necessary to use traceable instruments: instead, no limit to the operations (withdrawals and payments) on your current account. A first step towards the goal of bringing the maximum limit of use of cash to a thousand euros, set for January 2022. Particular attention will be paid to the “clever ones” who, in order to circumvent the rule, will try to split the payment into several solutions in order to cash in the ceiling.

Installing the Pos costs less

On the other hand, from Thursday 1 July the tax credit will start in the order of 30% of the fixed and variable costs incurred by traders and professionals for the installation and management of the Pos.

A measure that will cover the commissions for the operations carried out, up to € 400 thousand in revenues or fees. The tax credit on the costs incurred can then be used in compensation via the F24 form from the following month and must then also be entered during the tax return phase.

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