The caravan of Hagarish Elyashiv was moved


a a A The “caravan” in Ha’a Yedioth was the famous synagogue in Mea Shearim that was used by Maran HaGrish Elyashiv in his old age, and was established at the end of 2003 near his house on Hanan Street in Jerusalem.

The building was used by Maran for eight years. The Grish gave thousands of daily lessons in it, and prayed the prayers in it. The area and the temporary structure were borrowed by the owners of the area for extensive use.

Immediately after the death of Rabbi Elyashiv, the landowners demanded the land, but granted requests not to destroy a Torah site until a solution was found.

MK Yitzhak Pindros, who was an associate of the late Rabbi Elyashiv, recently met with the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, in order to find a solution for the caravan, so that the late Rabbi’s legacy will not be erased.

Recently, a solution was found on how to vacate the area and not to stop the sound of the Torah. , Will now become a beit midrash.

The caravan was copied this morning (Friday), from Mea Shearim to the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, and as a decision of the Jerusalem Municipality, the “caravan” will be recognized as a building for the preservation of the late Rabbi’s legacy.


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