The Carabinieri confirm half a kilo of explosive “marmot” at the ATM of Donato PHOTO VIDEO –


Update at 13 – The bomb squads confirm the presence of the explosive to implement the “marmot” technique, approximately 440 grams inserted inside the safe and connected to an electronic trigger. The attempt to hit the ATM would have been tried a few days ago then for unknown reasons, not put into practice. Closed the street and evacuated the building inhabited by an old woman. The bomb was defused at 1pm. Now slowly we return to the tranquility of everyday Donato. Now an investigation will be opened to trace the authors of the attempted assault on the Biella ATM. The investigative team of the Carabinieri of Biella are already at work.

Update at 12.15 – The men of the Turin Carabinieri bomb squad have just arrived.

Update at 12 – There are no certainties about the presence of explosives inside the ATM but as a precautionary measure, all the necessary precautions have been adopted by the Carabinieri of Biella and Netro, or the staff of the post office have been evacuated while the bank is today closed and the apartment above the branch office is empty as well as having cordoned off the area. Given the age of the citizens residing nearby, eviction has not been necessary for them.

But what triggered the alarm? It would be some electrical wires that come out of the ATM but the first hypothesis of the military intervened would lead to a possible attempted blow made in the previous nights, not carried out for unknown reasons. The certainty, however, will be obtained with the intervention of the Turin Carabinieri bomb squad.

The municipal administration has already moved with the mayor Desiree Duoccio present. “Citizens are all warned – comments hot Duoccio -. While waiting for the bomb squads, we have already set up some rooms in case of need but in the hope that everything will return soon and in the best possible way. We await the new directives of the bomb squads. For now everything is under control. ”

Chronicle at 11.30 – From the first evidence it could be an explosive placed near or inside the Sella di Donato ATM. The alarm went off around 10.30 this morning and law enforcement officers immediately arrived.

The Banca Sella branch, the offices of the nearby Post Office, now open and the residents of the building were evacuated. The arrival of the bomb squads from Turin is now awaiting. The Carabinieri of Biella and Netro intervened, two teams of the Fire Brigade, ambulance of 118 in addition to the mayor Desirée Duoccio. The area has been cordoned off, no approaching.

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