“The candidacy in Foggia is up to me”


It turns like a spinning top, tireless, if anything only weakened by the torrid heat. No one stops her anymore, not even the everlasting veto of the Democratic Party of Foggia, which has already filled the Cerignola box. The Iron Lady Elena Gentile, sometimes dispettosa and sharp, frank and genuine, he will not resort to any trickery to try to detach a ticket to Bari. There was a rumor that he was becoming Brindisi to remedy a place on the list, at worst, but it won’t be, “in the most absolute way”. Since February, in the visual map of her communication campaign, she has geolocated herself in Capitanata and from there she doesn’t move. Indeed, it advances like a tornado. “I am a candidate on the list of the Pd of Foggia, because I was born and live here”.

As a stable woman, she raises: “The regional party should know that in addition to the candidacy in Foggia I can run for Lecce, Brindisi, Bari, Taranto, where I have taken 7,500 votes to the Europeans – they don’t take it in a province that is not yours – because It is possible to apply in three lists of different provinces. Do they need me? I am generous, I am available, but regardless of the candidacy for Foggia which is my province. Otherwise it would be a betrayal for the people of Foggia. I am recognizable everywhere but if you allow, my house is my house. “

The reasoning of the former MEP, former regional councilor, starts from a postulate: if the double preference were to be missed, it would be difficult to remedy gender applications, because “People no longer have the party feeling. And me – proudly states – I still have it. Do they need a hand? I never back off. How many times have I applied and I knew it was a service application and yet I spent the maximum? I can travel around Puglia, I have no problems with overwork because I am used to it, I like to go around, see people, talk “. It is already grinding kilometers, actually, it started earlier than many of its companions. “Yesterday I was in San Severo, Torremaggiore, Lesina. There is a whole world, welfare, a good part of health care, which would see my return to Bari very favorably, why should I disappoint them?”.

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It provokes the people of Foggia, following a well-tested script, but the hypothesis that she is not a candidate in Capitanata does not even take it into consideration. “They are pulling the rope and have no reason to do it. They are a cumbersome candidate, I am aware of it, but both the coalition and the party need a few more votes. I am also available to apply in two other provinces, not one, just think where my madness comes from, because it’s hard work. I’m available to help but the candidacy in Foggia is up to me, it’s up to me. There are absolutely no obstacles, neither regulatory nor political. 10 thousand votes taken last year – mainly out of the party, so an important opinion vote – they want to throw them? Let’s cut it down by 50%, considering that it was European, we get 5 thousand votes. You throw them these days, with a disadvantage on the polls? some insane madness. They are trying, but the bone is hard. “

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