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The buzz around Ellen DeGeneres’ program is accelerating – employees are putting shocking claims on the counter – TV & movies


Star presenter Ellen DeGeneresin, 62, the public image has taken a deep crack recently when a presenter described as cordial and kind has been claimed to be something completely different. DeGeneres has hosted its own chat program The Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2003.

This time, the voices were opened by the presenter’s employees, who described the work environment as toxic and accused executives of ill-treatment. BuzzFeed interviewed ten former employees and one current employee who reported facing racism, fear and intimidation by executives.

Over the years, Ellen DeGeneres’ motto has been the “please others” phrase, which she has highlighted in her charitable activities, among other things. Former employees say it’s “nonsense”.

– That “please” junk only happens when the cameras are on. I know he donates money to people to help, but that, too, is just part of the show, a former employee described to BuzzFeed.

Anonymous people said they were fired after, for example, taking sick leave or time off for a funeral of a loved one. An employee who reportedly encountered racism resigned from his job himself.

Former employees said they were governed by fear and were not allowed to talk about problems.

– We had morning meetings every Friday, but sometimes it happened that one of the long-term employees was no longer present. No one ever explained it, these individuals just seemed to disappear, one of them claims.

At a company party, one of the employees claims to have fallen victim to racist commenting. The time, he said, was not the first.

– I am sorry. I only know the names of the employees who are white, an African-American employee claims to have been told to him by a screenwriter in the series.

Employees said they had been instructed not to speak to DeGeneres if they saw him in the office. Most of the employees blamed the top management of the program or the producers, but they also think DeGeneres should take responsibility for the well-being of the employees.

The program’s production team has responded to the allegations. producers Ed Glavin, Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner say in their joint statement that they take the allegations seriously.

– For almost two decades, with 3,000 sessions and more than 1,000 employees, we have strived to create an open, safe and supportive work environment. We are really sorry that even one member of the production has a negative experience. That’s not what we are, and the task Ellen has given us, the producers commented.

– The responsibility for this lies entirely with us. We take this very seriously and learn that we need to improve our practices. We are committed to doing better in the future, they continued.

This is not the first time former employees have accused the production of the program. In April Varietymagazine said The Ellen DeGeneres Show program workers to be furious when production management had nothing to do with wages or working hours during the coronavirus pandemic for more than a month.

A huge uproar around the presenter himself arose when in March the comedian Kevin T. Porter called DeGeneres “one of the most vicious people in the world”. The tweet received hundreds of responses in which people criticized the presenter and told of his unpleasant treatment.

Also a Youtube star seen as a guest of DeGeneres Nikkie the Hunter described the presenter as “cold and distant”. The presenter’s former security guard said DeGeneres never greeted him.

Pictured is Ellen DeGeneres with his wife Portia de Rossi.

DeGeneres got his own The Ellen DeGeneres Show discussion program in 2003. The popular program has since won several Emmy Awards. The program has been on hiatus due to the corona pandemic.

DeGeneres has also worked as a stand up comedian and actor. He has also judged American Idol Singing Competition. The presenter is a married actress Portia de Rossin with.

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