The Btp Futura arrives, the Treasury tries to ‘seduce’ Italian families. Go to the Offer of Understanding on Ubi


MILAN – While the Chamber of Deputies is preparing to give the green light to the relaunch decree, which must be converted by 18 July, the Treasury is returning to the position of Italian private savers with the new BTP Futura, designed specifically for families and with the intent to finance the large deficit expected for anti-Covid measures. The placement of the security, which provides for a growing coupon mechanism and a loyalty bonus for those who keep it due, starts on Monday 6 to close on July 10, subject to the possibility of the MEF – starting from the evening of July 8. – to close the subscriptions.The week is however busy with many events, with another possible central hub for Italian finances on Friday: as a calendar, but it is not said that it actually happens, Fitch should give the opinion on the Italian rating. Analysts do not expect big shocks: Fitch has already anticipated his judgment in late April, when he cut the vote on bonds issued by the Italian Republic to BBB- due to the worsening of public accounts caused by the crisis triggered by the coronavirus. On that occasion he also defined the outlook as stable and therefore everything suggests that there will be no further deterioration of the rating or of the prospects.
If on Monday the Relaunch dl arrives at the Chamber to end the first reading, the CDM is expected to attend the Simplifications dl in the same hours.
To better understand the health conditions of the Italian economy, the appointment is for Friday with the Economic Bulletin of the Bank of Italy. A few hours earlier on the same day, and no less important, will be the dissemination of the Istat data on industrial production in May. Finally, the traditional PA Forum, which this year will take place exclusively on a virtual basis and which will see government authorities, experts and public bodies discussing the future of the Italian public administration throughout the week, should be noted.In the financial world, attention is drawn to the Ops launched by Intesa Sanpaolo on Ubi, also scheduled for Monday. The Ops, which when it was launched valued the bank led by Victor Massiah 4.86 billion with a premium of 27.6% on the stock market value of the previous Friday, however, was not liked by Ubi’s management, which rejected it calling it “not agreed” and “not convenient”.

Here are the events on the Agi agenda:

– Forum Pa: presentation of the survey on “Public work 2020”.
– Forum Pa: the PA minister, Fabiana Dadone, intervenes.
– Forum Pa: the Minister for Innovation intervenes, Paola Pisano.
– Dl Relaunch: at the exam room in the Chamber.
– Dl Simplifications: possible CDM.
– Bper: shareholders’ meeting in Modena.
– Future BTP: placement starts.
– Intesa Sp: Ops on Ubi starts.
– Let’s be unbalanced: webinar with the president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico, and the general secretary of Fiom, Francsca Re David.
– Mit: the Minister of Infrastructure, Paola De Micheli, participates in “The future of the Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana station” in Reggio Emilia.
– Germany: orders to industry in May.

– Forum Pa: the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, intervenes.
– Forum Pa: the Minister of Infrastructures, Paola De Micheli, intervenes.
– Mise: the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, speaks at a webinar of Pwc Italia.
– Istat: retail sales in May.
– Istat: monthly note on the economic trend.
– Dl Relaunch: examination in the Chamber in the Chamber.
– Insurance: hearing of the president of Ania, Maria Bianca Farina, in the Finance Committee in the Chamber.
– Bankitalia: hearing on the use of the current account in the Senate Finance Committee.
– Motorway concessions: hearing of Anac and Bankitalia in Ll.Pp. commission in the Senate.
– Germany: industrial production in May – OECD: report on employment prospects.

– Abi: hearing of the general manager, Giovanni Sabatini, on the use of the current account in the Senate Finance Committee.
– Ance: online event “The courage to simplify” with the president, Gabriele Buia.
– Metalworkers: meeting between Federmeccanica and trade unions of the relaunch: examination in the Chamber in the Chamber
– Forum Pa: the Minister for the South, Giuseppe Provenzano, intervenes.
– Forum Pa: Istat President Gian Carlo Blangiardo spoke.
– Use: oil stocks.

– Germany: trade balance in May.
– USA: weekly unemployment benefits.
– Eurogroup: meeting in Brussels.

– Italy: industrial production in May.
– Abi: assembly, private part.
– Bankitalia: Economic bulletin.
– Bankitalia: data on international tourism.
– Btp Futura: placement ends.
– Forum Pa: OECD Director General Angel Gurria intervenes.
– Forum Pa: the president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico, intervenes.
– Ecofin: meeting in Brussels.
– Fitch: Italian sovereign rating revision schedule.
– France: industrial production in May.
– USA: producer prices in June.

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