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Are you looking for great games at ridiculously low prices? The PlayStation Storeas usual, it’s the right place. Being able to get through the three promotions is not always easy, so we try to come to your aid by selecting five titles for less than five euros which in our opinion would make a really good impression in your digital library. Let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to use the comment space below to ask for some advice or to share your suggestions.

DOOM 64 – 2.99 euros

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series that helped define an entire genre, id Software has re-released on the platforms of the current generation, including PlayStation 4, DOOM 64, a game originally published in 1997 on Nintendo 64. The intent of the This operation, performed almost simultaneously with the launch of the exceptional DOOM Eternal, is clear: rehabilitating the name of one of the most underrated chapters of the entire brand in the eyes of the world.

Sometimes, only by rediscovering the past is it possible to fully enjoy the present. Set after the events of the second episode, DOOM 64 is a regular episode of the saga which is even linked to the 2016 chapter. Twenty-three years later, the technical sector, although adapted to avoid disfiguring at high resolutions, certainly cannot compete with current productions, but DOOM 64 still has the innate ability to entertain along the over 30 levels that make up the adventure. You will know more by reading the DOOM 64 review.

The Wolf Among Us – € 4.94

The Wolf Among Us can easily be considered one of the best episodic productions of Telltale Games. Both for the captivating graphic style with noir tints, clearly inspired by the comic series on which it is based, and for the exciting narrative plot, from which the charismatic main protagonist emerges, the bad wolf Bigby.

Threatened by a totalitarian regime, fairy tales and fairy tales have left their world to take refuge in ours, to be precise in New Amsterdam (Manhattan), where they established the community of Fabletown. The exiles remain hidden from humans thanks to a spell called glamorous, which not everyone can afford. Watching this community is the sheriff Bigby Wolf, the big bad wolf of fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and I Tre Porcellini, which can take on the human form at will thanks to a dagger given to him by Snow White. A bloody and brutal murder will kick off a five episode story – all included in the purchase – full of twists and turns influenced by the choices made along the course.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided – € 4.49

Deus Ex Mankind Divided continues the events of Adam Jensen from where we left them at the end of Human Revolution. We are in 2029 and empowered humans have been declared outlaws and live completely segregated from the rest of society. Our protagonist is now an expert anti-terrorist agent, but he is forced to move a world that despises those like him. The story takes hold in Dubai, and soon moves to Prague, a small open-world beautifully structured and coherent, which will make the lovers of animals happy immersive sim.

The only “flaw” of Mankind Divided, if we may say so, is to be an intermediate chapter. The ending leaves some loose ends that will be eviscerated in the future, but in the middle you will find an extremely mature RPG experience, full of opportunities and capable of indulge the playing style of any user. Thanks to the in-depth system of dialogues and the articulated level design it is possible to face every situation in multiple ways, and consequently to influence the continuation of the adventure. Such a profound experience is almost given at such a price. Further details can be found in the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review.

Little Nightmares – 3.99 euros

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer that relies on the innermost fears of childhood. The protagonist of this singular adventure, which seems to have escaped from Tim Burton’s mind, is a girl named Six, trapped on a huge boat inhabited by corrupt souls called Le Fauci, from which he must absolutely escape. In accompanying her on this journey, you will be encouraged to reconnect with the child within you and to unleash your imagination.

Like two of the most illustrious exponents of the genre, Limbo and Inside, the production of Tarsian Studios also aims to immerse a world as fascinating as it is desperate, which is the background to a hermetic and never explicit narrative canvas. Despite the inspiration, Little Nightmares is not a derivative product, and manages to shine with its own light thanks to intelligent playful solutions and to some moments that we do not hesitate to define memorable. Are you not convinced? Read the Little Nightmares review of our Francesco Fossetti.

Castlevania Anniversary Collection – € 4.99

We finish as we started, that is, with an excellent nostalgia operation for both veterans and young people. Castlevania has been far from the scenes for a long time (too much) now, but this does not stop us from looking at the past and discovering the origins of one of the most influential sagas of our medium. What better way to do it, if not with the Castlevania Anniversary Collection?

The collection, launched on the occasion of Konami’s 50th anniversary, delve deeper into the past of the historic vampire franchise offering in one package Castlevania, Castlevania II Simon’s Quest, Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse, Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania The Adventure, Castlevania II Belmont’s Revenge, Castlevania Bloodlines and even Kid Dracula, which had never been published in English. To frame everything there is one special eBook full of information and illustrated content by developers, graphic designers and others who reveal several details about the legacy of the world of Castlevania.

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