The battle for the opening of the gyms: Holmes Place filed a petition against …



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    <h2>The company claims that the decision to close the gyms en masse was made without authority • The demand: an urgent interim order to open the institutes in the "purple character" format until the court decides on the issue • Most of the chain clubs closed </h2>
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                <p>Following the decision of the government to close the gyms in violation of the decision of the Corona Committee on the subject - the network of gyms "Holmes Place" today (Sunday) filed a petition in the High Court against the Israeli government and the prime minister. The company claims in the petition that the order was issued without authority. In the format of the "purple character" until the decision of the court or the decision of the Corona Committee in the Knesset.</p> 

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Holmes Place argues that the order for the complete closure of the gyms was obtained in an extremely unreasonable manner – without factual infrastructure, without consideration of alternatives, without examining the economic consequences and without a future plan and therefore demands that the gyms be allowed to operate until the new order.

Holmes Place under Corona Restrictions
Training at Holmes Place under Corona Restrictions | Photo: Courtesy: Holmes Place Club, Ramat Gan

The company contends in a petition filed by Attorneys Ido Hitman, Eden Regev and Guy Yarom from the firm of Yigal Arnon & Co. To lack of authority, since “it does not make sense that the purpose of the Corona Law authorizing the issuance of emergency orders is for the executive to oversee the activities of the executive, and that since the ban on operating gyms in the Corona Committee is repealed, the order issued by the government seeks sterilization The executive and the legislature. ”

The company reported to the stock exchange that most of the group’s clubs had closed and as a result the appointments were frozen and most of the employees went out to the IDF.

The Corona Committee, headed by MK Yifat Shasha Bitton, decided last week to reverse the ministers’ decision and allow the opening of gyms and public pools. This is after no recent data was presented that would indicate that there were indeed many infections in the gyms that justified their closure. In the new guidelines issued by the government, a decision of the Corona Commission was circumvented and it was decided to close it again.

MK Yifat Shasha-Bitton | Photo: Knesset Channel

Yesterday, after an interview with Shasha Bitton in “Meet the Press” in which she clarified that the committee would examine the new restrictions, a senior Likud source said that Netanyahu would fire her. “You can’t keep working like that,” he said. “I am a member of the coalition and respect the government’s decisions. A key part of the Knesset’s work is to criticize the work of the government and if there are mistakes, it should be corrected.”

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