The association behind the ‘Prime Minister’ campaign is acting in violation of the Associations Act


The “New Contract” organization is behind the “Prime Minister” campaign, which has been going on for about two years against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Prime Minister took part in organizing demonstrations near the home of Spokesman Mandelblit, in an attempt to pressure him to file indictments against the prime minister, in setting up protest vigils in Balfour, and in the past month in organizing demonstrations in front of his official residence in Balfour.

The association was established about two years ago, and among its goals – “to hold protest activities against government corruption, to protect the values ​​of democracy and the rule of law, to assimilate among the general public, in a variety of ways, the proper democratic and governmental values.” The founders of the association are people from the extreme left with a broad public history and a connection to the organizations of the new foundation. Among them can be found Eldad Yaniv – a journalist close to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and one of the leaders of the demonstrations in front of the house of Spokesman Mandelblit, before his decision to file indictments against Netanyahu.

As well as Haim Shadmi, who was questioned by the police after being documented in a demonstration, calls for a Molotov cocktail to be thrown and to harm Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister’s son. Orly Singer, a longtime activist in the Labor Party who worked with the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, is also one of the founders of the association. Journalist Dan Margalit is a member of the association. There are currently 36 members registered with the New Contract Association. The association, which advocates transparency, refused to give us the full list of members.

Website of the Registrar of Associations

We now reveal that the association, one of whose stated goals is “the appointment of a government transparency commissioner, who will present to the public annual capital statements of elected officials and gatekeepers” – is acting ostensibly illegally and without transparency. An inspection by the Registrar of Associations shows that the New Contract Association has not submitted financial statements or other reports since its establishment until today. This is ostensibly in violation of the Associations Law. Only the certificate of registration of the association appears in the file of the association in the Registrar of Associations, and since then, as stated, no report has been submitted for more than two years.

In response to our request, the New Contract Association replied that no financial reports had been submitted, as well as minutes of management meetings to the Registrar of Associations, and that this was a “failure.” It should be emphasized that the Associations Law (1980, Amendment No. 3, 1996) requires every association to hold a general meeting at least once a year, and to submit to the Registrar of Associations each year the financial statements, as well as the minutes of the general meeting. In order to enable transparency in the management of non-profit organizations in Israel, the “new contract” behind the “Prime Minister” has decided, for some reason, that they are not committed to this transparency.

The association has filed numerous petitions with the High Court since its inception to date, most of them against political elements on the right side of the political map. In the past five months, the association has filed 7 petitions. , As well as a petition against the then Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, in the case of his resignation as Speaker of the Knesset.

The handling of the many petitions costs a lot of money, and in response to our question, the New Contract claimed that attorneys handled the pro bono petitions or minimal costs based on donations. However, our request to review the association’s financial statements – due to the fact that such reports were not legally submitted to the Registrar of Associations – was not granted.

The New Contract organization declined to comment for this article.


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