The Arab doctor accused of assaulting a patient


An Arab doctor accused of committing an indecent act on his patient, at the Clalit Health Fund in the northern region, will return to work.

According to the decision of the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Halevi, Dr. Jawad Abu Moch, who was accused of committing an indecent act, he will return to work provided that during the medical examination there is a relative of the patient, nurse or medical secretary.

In doing so, Prof. Levy accepted the recommendation of the special committee that discussed the case, and did not accept the demand of the Chief Prosecutor in the Ministry of Health to completely ban the doctor from treating patients until the end of the criminal proceedings against him.

This is one of Prof. Levy’s first decisions regarding proceedings against doctors, since he took office about a month ago. In doing so, he reversed the decision of the former director general of the Ministry of Health, Moshe Bar-Siman Tov, who decided at the beginning of the current foreign year to accept the recommendation of a previous special committee, which discussed the matter and ruled that the doctor’s license to practice medicine should be revoked for six months. The need to protect public peace. “Now the new decision of Prof. Levy, which was first published in Israel Today, has come into force.

Dr. Jawad Abu Moch works as a pediatrician and family physician at Clalit Health Fund in Baqa al-Gharbiya, and an estimated 3,200 Clalit members, children and adults are registered with him in the clinic. In a 27-year-old patient who had been examined by him about two years earlier in his clinic, according to the indictment for “sexual stimulation, gratification or contempt.”

The doctor vehemently denies all the allegations against him. The indictment hearings are not over yet.

Since the complaint was filed, shortly after the act was committed, a special inquiry has taken place following which the HMO allowed Dr. Abu Mokh to continue working as usual, without any restrictive conditions, for about two years until the indictment is filed against him.

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