“The announcement will allow us to fly before the holidays”


Sub-announcement to the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Itamar Grotto, about the new outline for opening the sky (Photo: Knesset cameras)

During the discussion of the State Audit Committee, chaired by MK Ofer Shelach, on the future of aviation in the Corona era, the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Itamar Grotto, announced today (Wednesday) that he will soon approve a new plan to open the skies from “green” countries. Will be required for corona testing and insulation.

Will we be back to seeing tourists here soon? (Photo: Yariv Katz)

The committee’s chairman, MK Ofer Shelach, welcomed the news: “Aviation is one of the industries that has been hit the fastest and deepest. Assuming there is no vaccine in the next six months, there can be no situation in which Israel’s aviation will not open and find ourselves the next day without Israeli aviation.”

I am an Israeli citizen, where in the world can I fly?

Interview with Israir CEO at Ynet Studio

Tourism Minister Assaf Zamir said: “The sky should open up as soon as possible, even if it is partially and under restrictions and insulation requirements. “.

“Professor Grotto’s recommendation may save Israeli aviation. The isolation in isolation is a point we demanded months ago. It will allow Israir, whose all planes and pilots are qualified, to return to tourism before the holidays,” said Uri Sirkis, CEO of Israir in a conversation with Ynet. Every flight that contributes to the flow and coverage of expenses we take, even if it is with 10 passengers.

“It is not possible for Ben Gurion Airport to be open for incoming flights from the United States because there are interests here and they will not allow families to fly to Greece for summer vacation. The same plane that flies to Eilat can also fly to Cyprus, and Eilat has more corona patients.”

 “A plane that flies to Eilat can also fly to Cyprus.” Israir ATR72 aircraft

Shmuel Zakai, manager of Ben Gurion Airport: “The blue mark for the airport industry creates a difficult capacity problem at Ben Gurion Airport – we will drop the capacity of 48 takeoffs and landings at only 18 hours.”

Zakai added, “The only way to make sure that a passenger does not carry the virus with him is through tests, but the Ministry of Health claims that tests have a large percentage of errors and that tests are a national resource and should not be spent on flights.

“As long as this is the approach, the flights will not be resumed and we are already beyond the point of no return. It may be worthwhile to include swimming lessons in core studies because Israeli citizens will not be able to get out of here any other way.”

Photo: Itai BlumenthalBen Gurion Airport Tour: Ben Gurion Airport Director Shmuel Zakai with the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Itamar Grotto and Ben Gurion Airport Deputy Director, Shmuel Amsalem (Photo: Itai Blumenthal)

The chairman of the pilots’ union, Meidan Bar, presented the union’s outline for opening the skies with regard to outbound flights: “Ben Gurion Airport will become the largest drive-in in Israel.

“The passenger will purchase an Internet ticket and will check before the flight or up to 48 hours before arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, when between the check and the flight will be under restrictions – he will not be able to go to a wedding for example.

“We will start from nearby destinations and there it will be defined what is required by the destination country. The reality is that planes are not corona incubators. The planes have air filters like in operating rooms and the air quality in them is better than in a normal room.”

Tali Laufer, director general of the Association of Travel Ministries, also welcomes the intention of the Ministry of Health to allow passengers from green countries to enter the country without the obligation of isolation.

“It seems that after six months in which the industry has been shut down, we are now on the right path to opening the skies and returning to activity like the rest of the world. Indeed, there is no reason for Israel to remain cut off from the world and we are happy that the government is showing signs of action.”

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