The Alliance of Russian Travel Agencies assessed the Prospects of Rest in Turkey


Member of the Presidium of the Alliance of Travel Agencies of Russia Aleksan Mkrtchyan assessed the prospects for rest in Turkey.

“It is clear that the water in the Mediterranean Sea will become cool somewhere in November, nevertheless, it has already been announced to us that flights will fly in November, and in December, and in January, in February. Moreover, I am talking now not only about Antalya, but also about Istanbul, ”he said in an interview with

The season started late in 2020, he said, and many hotels have lost revenue, so they will now try to save money.

In addition, almost all hotels began to change the all-inclusive system – tourists will take whatever they want, but not on their own, but through a waiter.

“When you have a buffet, you take as much as you want. And the fourth time it will be a little embarrassing to call the waiter, ”Mkrtchyan explained.

Earlier, the first vice-president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, Vladimir Kantorovich, in an interview with Vzglyad, expressed the opinion that Turkey would become the hottest destination in the near future.

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