The alarmism caused by the nurse at the Cremona hospital was denied: “We are Covid free, no new cases”


“For four days, there have been no reports of hospitalizations or people in intensive care“, As stated by the press office of theCremona hospital, who thus denied the nurse’s statements Luca Alini, who with a post on Facebook, later removed, had created quite a bit of alarmism, declaring that the hospital of the Lombard city was hospitalizing again “Coronavirus patients with severe respiratory failure”.

Needless to say, the post published last July 8 went viral on social media, ending on the news and the main national newspapers. “Here we go again. It is not my habit to take selfies, nor post them on Facebook. I did this at about 10 p.m. at work tonight. It is not a photo of March or April. In the ward we started to hospitalize Covid patients with severe respiratory insufficiencies“, Alini had written in the post then deleted, adding up the dose:”For now the thing is limited, not like in February or March or the beginning of April, when the Covids were 30 out of 30 in the ward plus as many hospitalized in other wards, when out of 30 patients 26 were ventilated. But the Coronavirus has not forgotten to do its job, and as a good virus it does what it has to: infect new guests to survive “.

The Cremona hospital however told the journalist Max Rigano that what Alini said would be wrong given that in the hospital we do not “there is no Covid alarm“. Rigano, also on his Facebook profile, states that he has heard “Immediately the hospital in the person of Stefania Mattioli, from the press office who informed me that there is no emergency. These are the facts: after the 1st of July there was an outbreak in Viadana and Casalmaggiore where swabs are in progress among the population. A total of 15 cases were registered, of which 11 were hospitalized until yesterday. One was discharged. 9 of them are stationary, only one is a little more critical. The average age of 10 hospitalized today ranges from 37 to 80 years. For four days there have been no more hospitalizations or people in intensive care. Luca Alini wrote the post on July 8 last Thursday evening when there were two patients in pneumology. These are the numbers”.

The health director is also on social networks Rosario Canino he specified how the intensive care of the Cremona hospital is “Covid free for more than three weeks “. “Nothing new to add to the statements made in recent days regarding the Covid -19 hospitalization situation at the Cremona Hospital. A situation that has always been shared with the press and made public also through this same page – specifies the doctor – Currently in hospital we have ten hospitalized patients, two in pulmonology (one in non-invasive ventilation) and eight in infectious diseases. The hospitalizations of the last few days, in most cases, have a close correlation with the Viadana outbreak. While our Intensive Care has been Covid Free for a few weeks already”.

That said – concludes Canino – It is essential to keep your attention high, too many people have already removed the mask or continue to keep it on the neck. Prevention measures must be strictly respected because they are a weapon of certain effectiveness “.

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