The Air Force Weather Forecast until Friday 17 July: new cold wave, compact clouds in the next week


These are the weather forecasts dell’Air Force for tomorrow and until July 17th.

Tomorrow, Sunday 12 July

North at times intense irregular cloudiness over Piedmont, the remaining Apennines, the Prealps of Lombardy and nearby flat areas with associated showers in the morning. In the afternoon, temporary clearings before a new increase in cloud cover over the Piedmont Alps and Lombardy Prealps; on the rest of the north clear or partly cloudy skies, except for local cloud coverings with diurnal evolution on the hills with associated isolated showers. From the evening clouds progressively more compact over Valle D’Aosta, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Friulian Alps.

Center and Sardinia stable and sunny weather on the island, except for passing evening veils; over the Marche, Abruzzo and close to the Apennines of Tuscany and Umbria compact cloud cover is expected with scattered convective precipitations, running out from the afternoon on the northernmost reliefs and in the evening, on the Abruzzo ones; on the rest of the center there is plenty of sunshine and low cloud cover, with the exception of weak diurnal instability in the hinterland and in the Lazio mountainous areas.

South and Sicily extensive and persistent clearings everywhere, except for local compact densities on the peninsular reliefs in the central hours of the day, accompanied by occasional, weak afternoon showers; low and stratified clouds are expected from the evening along the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coasts.

Temperature decreasing lows over Valle D’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, North-East, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise, more marked on the relative reliefs; slightly up on Liguria, Sardinia, western Tuscany, northern Lazio, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and southern Sicily; stationary elsewhere; highs rising in the central-eastern Alps, Tyrrhenian coasts, lower Sardinia, Sicily and the Ionian areas of Puglia and Basilicata; decreasing over the remaining north, Tuscany, Umbria, central Adriatic regions, lower Lazio, Molise, the remaining Apulian territory and the Lucanian hills; without major changes on the rest of the country.

Twenty moderate to locally strong north-east along the Adriatic coast and moderate over the rest of the center; eastern moderates on the Po valley; from weak to moderate northerners on Liguria, major islands, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria; weak variables on the rest of the north.

Mari da mossi locally moved the Adriatic and the Ionian; moved the northern Tyrrhenian Sea and the Sardinian channel; recently moved the Ligurian Sea, and locally the central Tyrrhenian Sea, the Strait of Sicily and the remaining Ionian Sea; the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea is generally not very rough.

Monday 13 July

North, very cloudy skies over the alpine and pre-Alpine areas with weak thundershowers decreasing from the evening hours; clear skies or characterized by the passage of high and thin and insignificant clouds over the rest of the north.

Center and Sardinia substantial cloud cover expected in the morning over eastern Sardinia and the Lazio coast with some sporadic rain showers over the latter, but improving subsequently; ample sunshine on other areas with passages of harmless glaze; local and weak instabilities will affect in the central hours of the day the southern sector of the island and the lower Lazio with some occasional afternoon showers associated.

A South and Sicily Day-to-day cumuliform thickenings expected close to the reliefs of Tyrrhenian Calabria, where the possibility of some weak showers or afternoon thunderstorms is not excluded; good weather elsewhere, albeit with haze coming from the remaining Tyrrhenian regions.

Temperature lows decreasing on Asta del Po ‘, remaining Emilia-Romagna, Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria, central and southern Adriatic regions, Campania reliefs, Basilicata and Ionian Calabria; rising over the Lombardy Alps and Prealps, remaining Triveneto, south-central Lazio, Campania coast and southern Sicily; stationary elsewhere; highs on the Piedmont piedmont areas, northern Tuscany, northern Umbria and Marche; without variations on the rest of the north and on the remaining Tuscan and Umbrian territory, as well as on the Abruzzo coasts, lower Calabria and on most of Sicily; down on the rest of the country.

Twenty moderate north on Molise, Puglia and on the Ionian coast of Calabria; weak to moderate north-eastern over Sardinia, Tuscany and Umbria; weak eastern on the Po Valley, northern on Liguria and variable on the rest of the north; weak from the northern quadrants on the remaining center-south.

Big from moved to very moved the Lower Adriatic, Canale d’Otranto and Ionio; the Sea of ​​Sardinia and the Adriatic moved; the remaining basins moved slowly.

Tuesday 14 July in the North alternation of bright spells and cloud cover, the latter species in the Alps where they will be accompanied by isolated showers and thunderstorms. Extensive and persistent clearings over the rest of the country, albeit with unstable conditions in the central hours of the day, expected on the hills between Lazio and Abruzzo, as well as on those of lower Calabria and north-eastern Sicily.

Wednesday 15th July compact cloud cover on the northern slopes with scattered convective precipitations, especially in the Alps. Stable and sunny weather over the rest of the country, except for weak daytime instability limited to the Apennine hills.

Thursday 16th July and Friday July 17th progressively more compact clouds close to the Apennine alpine and ridge chain with very low associated rainfall, absorbing in the evening. Elsewhere clear or slightly cloudy skies, with at most local compact cloud coverings with diurnal evolution over the remaining Lazio and Campania areas.

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