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The activities of a German cottage neighbor were remembered forever: “It was a confusing summer” – Finns open up their experiences from rental cottages – Housing


Experiences with rental cottages can be very positive – or they can’t.

Although Finns are a cottage people, not everyone has their own summer place. Fortunately, one potential option for a cottage weekend is a rental cottage.

In most cases, renting out cottages goes quite well. However, there are also some negative or at least special experiences to accommodate.

Leading expert in consumer advice from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority Raija Marttala advised in our previous story what to consider when renting a cottage. Tips are good to keep in mind if you are still interested in renting a cottage in late summer.

First of all, when doing a mapping of cottage options, you should pay attention to how the tenant of the cottage tells about himself.

Reliability can be assessed by checking what information the renter provides about himself. It is a good idea to check with the rental company, for example, your business ID and business address. In addition, you should search the Internet for more information about the tenant or rental company and the cottage on offer. Marttala suggests checking the public feedback and ratings given about the cottage.

Here’s how Ilta-Sanomat’s readers tell about their most special rental cottage experiences:

We were in the summer of two with my girlfriend at a cottage that was just awful. The stove had two plates, one of which did not work, the heating did not start and the whole cottage was really small, and by no means comfortable. To top the shop, someone had tried to smoke fish indoors, because throughout our trip, the beds, sofas and fireplace smelled of smoked fish. –Female, 16

Less had just received a driver’s license for a cottage weekend in Kuusamo for a larger group. Just the same day it was raining early snow and I was the only one in the gang who had changed summer tires. The whole first cottage night went to get the cars that had driven on summer tires out of the ditches of the cottage road and the rest of the weekend I was in fever because of that previous night. –Man, 20

rental Cottage In Kyyvesi, Haukivuori. I went for a swim and when I left the “water” I was brown and “slimy” on the top due to mud, vegetation, etc. The towel remained quite brown, although the so-called I rinsed myself with clean water. Fortunately, we got another rental cottage the very next day, from a completely different place and by the clean water. –Man, 48

Kerimäki while we were we were in a rental cottage where the cottage had been piled up so unhappily that the house was roughly upright on the boards. For example, inside the cottage you could see out from between the walls and at the same time the Russians roamed the neighboring cottages and thought they owned a common beach for the whole cottage area. –Man, 24

Finally the Week rented “cottage”. Arrived waiting in the fridge for melted frozen food and a muddy beach where you certainly couldn’t swim. Sauna gloomy. Went for three hours instead of three nights and left. –Female, 67

rental cottage on an island. Avocki had a cerebral infarction and went to the hospital with an ampper. I stayed on the island with the dog. I shivered for a couple of days waiting for the wind to calm down before I dared to go rowing to the mainland. –Female, 54

rental cottage happened one summer against a slightly strange German neighbor. Whenever we went out, this lady came naked in the yard beating the flagpole and shouting. I was just a little kid, so it was a confusing summer it. –Female, 35

Long then on a trip to Finland, a “cottage” was rented for the night from a camping village in the north with its ex, which was perhaps a 15-square-foot wooden booth, but was allowed to sleep elsewhere than in a mosquito-filled tent for the night. –Female, 44

I agreed to pay for part of the luxury cottage weekend rent. The other shareholders, of course, pulled a decent turn and managed to destroy the cottage’s furniture for a couple of thousand euros.. –Man, 33

rental Cottage In the 80s, it was raining the whole week and the mosquitoes were the best of Lapland rak’ah, and of course I’m still particularly for those allergic to. –Female, 40

We rented cottage from Hauho, pig expensive cottage with amenities. The sauna was far away and the beach, the beach mud mud. It rained all week. –Female, 52

During one while at the rental cottage, the neighbor was adventurous all weekend in his yellow. He went out along his yard, from where he dawned in the morning. Didn’t otherwise bother. –Man, 53

In return, do you have a memorable wonderful experience from a rental cottage? Tell them below!

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