“That’s why Juventus will win the Scudetto. The penalties? Given breath …”


The editorial of the Panorama journalist after the tie between Juventus and Bergamo

Giovanni Capuano, journalist from Panorama, commented in his editorial the episodes of Juventus-Atalanta and the ‘consequences’ of the same on the championship fight: “Juventus will not win the Scudetto for the two penalties conceded for accidental touches of arm in the match against Atalanta, even if it is objective that the draw stolen from Gasperini’s team definitely puts the Bianconeri’s way downhill. He will win it because during the whole season it has been the most continuous and complete, he has gone through several phases of difficulty, he has never fully convinced and yet he has continued to accumulate points and victories unlike the potential opponents for the title that all sooner or later, they deflated and twisted within their limits“.

Giacomelli and Var Irrati, however, have chosen well and, in fact, there is no slow motion of the day after they condemn them. Yet the overall feeling is to have witnessed in Turin, as in other previous situations, a very televised and little real football. […] The rigors of Juventus-Atalanta gave breath to the never-dissolved army of anti-Juventinism regardless of yet it is a fact that they arrived in the queue at the week in which Juventus itself had complained for the same reason but with reversed roles, recalling the number of penalties against in this championship and the many hand-arm situations ended with a penalty against. Net of some oversight, Sarri was wrong after the derby with Torino and those who now speak of a scandal for the draw with the Gasperini band are wrong. It is convenient for controversy, but it serves no purpose and does not bring the solution of the problem that passes through an absolute simplification of rules and directives to limit gray areas and make the most of the potential of video assistance.“.

(Source: Panorama)

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