that key of Berlusconi, I have to make him a bunch like this “- Libero Quotidiano


The judge Antonio Esposito

Silvio Berlusconi? A keyhole, I have to make him a bunch like that. “To pronounce these words would have been Antonio Esposito, the Cassation judge who a few years later, in 2013, sentenced the leader of Come on Italy to 3 years and 8 months for tax fraud in the Mediaset-Agrama trial. The audio of the other judge of the court, Amedeo Franco (speaker of that sentence) would now accuse Esposito of having been “pressed”: that verdict would have been “piloted from above”, and that court, revealed Franco in an environmental interception with Berlusconi himself, “a firing squad” against the former premier. The case is devastating, Esposito has denied everything by announcing lawsuits overturn the accusations on colleague Franco, who died in 2019. But there is more, explains the Everyday occurrence: there is in progress another investigation, this time a Naples. The prosecutors are checking the nature of the testimonies of some employees of the Hotel Villa Svizzera in Lacco Ameno, summoned by Cav’s defense to confirm Esposito’s “bad faith” before the European Court of Human Rights.

The words of the hotel employees (owned by Domenico De Siano, senator and Campanian coordinator of Forza Italia) were made on April 3, 2013 and if true they would be devastating. Esposito would have been regular guest of the hotel: “I remember it from 2007 until 2010/2011, I can’t be precise”, a chamberlain explained to the defenders of Berlusconi. “Esposito often asked who the hotel structure was and I replied to De Siano, political exponent of Forza Italia and at the time mayor of Lacco Ameno. His answer in Neapolitan was: ‘Ah is with that key of Berlusconi ‘. In meeting me he said that sooner or later they would have arrested both my employer and Berlusconi. “And again:” At the entrance of the restaurant instead of saying good evening, he used to say: ‘Still have to arrest them?’, referring to Berlusconi and my employer. “A another employee instead recalls a sentence from the judge: “To Berlusconi if ​​I get the chance I have to make him a bunch like that“, Esposito asked the Naples Public Prosecutor to verify whether” the hypothesis of false information to the public prosecutor, arranging all investigations in order to clarify the possible competition of other people (verifying in particular who reported the three names to the attorney Larosa and the possible role in the affair by De Siano) “.

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