That desire that was then, is still there: three hours with Vasco


From sunset to Albbachiara. They have passed exactly three years from Modena Park, the milestone in the history of Italian rock, when in the presence of Vasco national more than 225 thousand people gathered. A crowd as far as the eye can see of longtime fans, newbies, “neither saints nor heroes” intragenerational: the Blasco gang has filled the immense Ferrari Park with a human tide, and humanity, capable of unleashing «The perfect storm».

To relive that emotion

Tonight at 20.35 on Raiuno the celebratory docufilm of that 1st July will be broadcast, edited by Giorgio Verdelli directed by Pepsy Romanoff, with more than 35 songs for over 3 hours of powerful and exciting rock. It will be pure adrenaline to be relived in front of the screen, even if it had already sold out in cinemas.

Vasco Rossi, a stage animal

“In this suspended moment, after a tremendous pandemic that has questioned all our certainties, reliving an absolute event like Modena Park makes us hope that what will come will be a better world”. So Giorgio Verdelli introduces the evening while Vasco, in the unpublished interview, confesses: «Everything had to be fine that evening there, I also had to be ready to sing for over 3 and a half hours. The perfect storm is when all the elements combine together, in an extraordinary way, to make it an unrepeatable thing. The perfect rock storm was Modena Park ».