Tesla Model Y, the SUV that will be produced in Germany will be a “revolution”


With the entry into operation of the Gigafactory in Germania scheduled for the summer of 2021, Tesla can finally start building Model Ys for the European market. It seems, however, that interesting surprises are coming for the electric SUV that will be built on this site. Elon MuskSpeaking on Twitter of the news that Volvo imported a Model Y to study its secrets, he said that the model that will be assembled in Germany will be significantly improved, a “revolution” as specified in a tweet.

It seems that the technical novelty concerns frame construction. With the Model Y, Tesla had made important progress in this direction, with a new casting technique that had allowed to move from the realization of 70 parts to 1 only. A new technology that had allowed for simplify the construction of the SUV, while also reducing costs. Elon Musk, however, pointed out that this important improvement was only the beginning with the aim of using this fusion technique on a larger scale.

The new statements by the CEO of the American company seem to make it clear that the Model Y that will be built in Germany will make greater use of this technique. The precise details are missing but what has been said is certainly interesting. These improvements will probably also come to the other factories of the brand but it is clear that the electric SUVs that will be made in Europe may hide some surprises.

Certainly more will be known over the next few months. Speaking about the Gigafactory in Germany, Musk said they are evaluating the possibility of designing and building a small electric sedan. Again, there are no details, but since a design center should be open in the factory, it is possible that some surprises will come in the future.

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