Tesla Model Y, price list lowered by 3 thousand dollars


The price of the electric SUV falls. In Italy the base is expected to be just under 64 thousand euros

Tesla has cut the price of its SUV, the Model Y. The fall in the US sales price is $ 3,000. Now therefore the Awd list starts from 49.990 dollars against the 52.990 expected when the deliveries of the car began in mid-March. According to the Tesla site in Italy, the price list starts at 63,980 euros for the Long Range (53,580 “with savings”) and the start of production of this model is scheduled for 2021. Performance starts at 71,980 euros (61,580 “with savings” ).

The other discounts

It is not the first price cut that the manufacturer operates on his models. In fact, in the second half of May the list of Model S and X had dropped by 5 thousand dollars while that of Model 3 had fallen by 2 thousand dollars. These discounts, according to some analysts, are negative signs. However, in the second quarter Tesla delivered 90,650 cars, a number well above expert estimates, which caused the company’s share price to rise. The increase in the value of the securities by 269% from 1 January, has led Elon Musk to climb positions in the ranking Bloomberg of the super rich: now he is seventh with a personal wealth of 70.5 billion dollars.

How Model Y is made

The Model Y is the first SUV of the Fremont house with a declared range from 480 to 505 km. In the Long Range Awd the two independent electric motors ensure an intelligent all-wheel drive system. The Perfomance instead has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds. Model Y can carry up to seven people (but the third row of seats is optional).

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