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Another round, another idiot of the coronavirus. Other potential greaser. The case, disturbing, comes from the province of Latina, where a 37 year old Roma was found positive for a swab, but went away from the hospital giving a fake address. The man, known to the police, however, was tracked down and explained that he had spent the previous day in a very popular water park, the Miami Beach in Borgo Piave. As a precaution, all employees of the facility were tested.

In the province of Latina in the last few days six new infections were registered. Now there is fear of a further surge because of this man’s madness. But that is not all. The suspicion of the investigators, who do not consider the 37-year-old reliable, is that he spoke of the water park so as not to give information on what his real movements have been. The Roma had declared his residence in a field in the capital, but was tracked down to Aprilia. But not only: according to the owners of the water park, who made their records available, the man would never have gone to the facility and is now therefore liable to report.

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