Tens of thousands of packages delayed after attack on Bol.com | Inland


Bol.com’s distribution center in Waalwijk was attacked on Sunday. It was an armed robbery believed to have been carried out by several perpetrators, according to the police. The robbers entered the property at 9am and threatened two security guards. The perpetrators have been inside for quite some time. The threatened employees raised the alarm around 2:50 PM. Nothing has yet been announced by the police about the loot.

The Bol.com spokeswoman cannot indicate exactly how long it will take until the backlog of packages to be resolved, because the investigation of the police is still ongoing. Bol.com has emailed consumers and companies waiting for an order to explain the cause of the delay.

Half of the customers who expect a package on Monday will not be affected by the robbery and will receive their package on time. “More than half of the orders are not from our warehouse, but are sent directly to the customer by entrepreneurs,” explains Bol.com spokeswoman.

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