Temptation Island, the Ciavy-Veronica couple no longer exists. The two have already split up – Libero Quotidiano


The story between would have come to an end Valeria Liberati and Ciavy, after the adventure a Temptation Island 2020. This is revealed by the blog The Alley of News who wrote that the two would have broken just at the end of their journey in the reality show of Canale 5 aired every Thursday until 6 August. Furthermore, she would still be in contact with the tempter Alessandro Basciano. No official, writes Gossip and TV, given that the show broadcast by Mediaset is still on the air.

Script already written. Antonella Elia at Temptation. a bomb on Mediaset. All fake? Those who know her well swear that ...

Meanwhile, the third episode of the reality show, broadcast on Thursday 16 July, will see Ciavy and Valeria as protagonists. And just in this episode there should be showdown for the couple who should meet / clash in the usual bonfire. Another couple that will end up in the spotlight of the program is the VIP one formed by Lorenzo Amoruso and Manila Nazzaror. The former footballer does not seem to like some of his partner’s attitudes.

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