‘Temptation Island’, that’s when the last episodes of the seventh edition will air (and when Alessia Marcuzzi’s will begin)


The airing of the seventh edition of Temptation Island it only started a few weeks, yet work is already underway on the next. It is now certain that in the autumn we will see again Temptation Island, always in prime time on Channel 5. But, instead of Filippo Bisciglia, it will be Alessia Marcuzzi to lead him, after the success of last year.

To confirm the success of the program there are also the listen to the two episodes already aired in this edition, which do not spare twists, like the early bonfire by Alessandro Medici and Sofia Calesso.

TvBlog.it is able to tell us when the edition conducted by will actually end Bisciglia, to then leave room for summer programming. It is July 30, when the last episode will air. Being six episodes, however, the program must necessarily repeat in order to fit back in time: therefore, the penultimate episode will air exceptionally on Tuesday 28 July.

Instead, i am now open casting for the edition conducted by Marcuzzi. It would seem to be mixed again, just like the present one, where couples Vip e Nip they will test their love. Filming will begin in late August, before airing in September.

Biscigliainstead, he is very satisfied with the edition now on air, given the interest of the web for some couples, such as the one formed by Lorenzo Amoruso e Manila Nazzaro. The beautiful Miss Italy it only came out a few years ago from a stormy wedding which aroused amazement, while he thought about shocking us Anna Boschetti with his phrases choc about a future pregnancy with Andrea Battistelli.

Dangerous proximity, however, that of Valeria Liberati col single Alessandro Basciano, which sparked anger of his Ciavy Maliokapisdespite some clues to the web would suggest one of them previous knowledge. More sparkling i Vip Antonella Elia e Pietro Delle Piane that for now have only shown jealousy for each other, but nothing more. And finally, Annamaria Laino which he immediately poured bitter tears for its Antonio Martello, but it is only the beginning.

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