Teddy Riner, on his way to the Olympics


We knew his extraordinary build, his impressive track record: 10 times world champion, two times Olympic champion. Teddy Riner had a date this summer in Tokyo (Japan) to win gold a third time in the land of judo. It would have been nice, but you know what follows: the Olympics postponed, Teddy Riner did he say his last word?

Behind the scenes, even among champions, there is sometimes laziness and a few extra pounds. “When you pick up and it’s weighed, it’s 166.6 kilos. When we know that he was at the height of less than 140 kilos, so there is a building site “, explains a trainer. At the end of 2017, after a one-year outage, the objective is to return to the highest level. But unlike most people, Teddy Riner can lift mountains without ever losing his good humor.

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