Team Prince Andrew was initially happy with the BBC interview


For example, Andrew said he had never met Virginia Giuffre, an alleged victim. During one of the alleged meetings on March 10, 2001 he was with a daughter Beatrice at a Pizza Express. The prince remembered that dinner so much because he thought the experience was “very special”. Nor, according to Andrew, was it possible that, as Virginia claimed, he had sweated over her on another occasion because he had a “special medical condition” that prevented him from sweating at the time. In addition to his remarkable evidence, viewers also fell for his lack of empathy for the victims.

Maitlis only realized during the editing of the broadcast what impact the interview would have. “Firstly, he did not shy away from the subject. Secondly, for me, the lack of apologies and the absence of any regrets showed that the Prince still believed that his actions were the right ones. Thirdly, the level of detail something I didn’t expect at all. ”

The impact of the conversation was great for the prince. Although Andrew has been under fire for years for his ties to Epstein, who committed suicide in prison last year, criticism of the prince increased greatly afterwards. The Duke of York resigned his public duties shortly after the conversation and disappeared from public view.

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