Tax deduction for books and newspapers, a bonus against piracy is coming


“The government plans to work on forms of tax deduction for the purchase of books and newspapers to support demand and encourage the use of editorial products “. The announcement came from the undersecretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for publishing Andrea Martella, who spoke at the presentation of a Fapav investigation on audiovisual piracy.

The intervention on the Executive table, which would add to the already long list of bonuses and contributions allocated in response to the Covid-19 crisis, will however have a specific objective: that of countering the phenomenon of piracy, which during the lockdown months has clearly worsened compared to the past.

Piracy: data of a growing phenomenon

The publishing sector was suffering even before the health emergency, but the pandemic further aggravated the situation. The numbers of the phenomenon of piracy – which concerns newspapers, books and audiovisual products – return the proportion: the acts concerning the illicit appropriation of cultural material and editorial products have quadrupled during the lockdown compared to the previous period.

In 2019, piracy cost 1.1 billion euros. Telegram is now invaded by groups and chats that provide their members with newspapers and magazines, books and other materials covered by copyright for free and illegally. And last February, for the first time in Italy, 223 people were identified and reported, responsible for purchasing pirated subscriptions on the Internet that allowed access to the contents of the main pay-TV platforms.

What do you risk? Italian copyright law provides for the confiscation of instruments used for the illicit use of the service, while the sanctions provide for the imprisonment of up to eight years it’s a fine of 25 thousand euros, in addition to paying legal fees.

Bonus for publishing, how it will work

The bonus speculated by the Undersecretary to encourage the purchase of editorial products should take the form of fiscal detraction: in other words, the amount spent can be deducted in the tax return. It seems that the incentive can be used to buy books and newspapers, but also audiovisual products.

According to the Undersecretary, the path of support for purchasing must be accompanied by certain tools of repression of piracy and an important expense on the sectors of culture and publishing. Meanwhile, during the examination of the Dl Relaunch (here the special QuiFinanza) was approved an amendment, at first signature Capitanio (Lega), which aims to strengthen the powers of AGCOM in relation to the battle against piracy.

Culture bonus, how it works

The announced tax deduction would add to the existing one good culture, which applies to those over 18, offering students a 500 euro voucher for the purchase of books, theater tickets, concerts, cultural events and museums. The bonus can be obtained by registering on the site with your digital identity (Spid). The deadline for doing so is August 31, 2020, while the bonus can be spent by February 28, 2021.

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