Talpa director over Veronica Inside feud: “That broadcast wasn’t too bad”


Talpa director Paul Römer does not dare to say whether Veronica Inside will return to the tube next season. Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp have ruled out further collaboration with presenter Wilfred Genee, but Römer describes the chances of a restart as ‘fifty-fifty, with the glass half full’.

The cause of the Veronica Inside quarrel is known: Genee organized a special racism broadcast on Monday, June 22, following Derksen’s Zwarte Piet joke about rapper Akwasi, but Derksen and Van der Gijp felt irritated by their colleague. “That broadcast was not so bad. But the way in which the gentlemen subsequently conducted the discussion with each other in public, that way you only make a crisis worse”, Römer looks back in conversation with the Algemeen Daglad.

The Talpa director previously called on the trio to discuss the future of the talk show ‘in a room with the door closed’. “They have to do it themselves. That is also how they came into Talpa. They are very independent and do not tolerate any interference from anyone,” said Römer, who despite everything still hopes that Genee, Derksen and Van der Gijp still sign the peace and continue together. “But it must remain VI. When it becomes salt-free and niggly, it is no longer VI. For that, these three men will have to have a session with each other.”
The Veronica Inside frontmen are currently on vacation, but still see each other regularly. Recently, both Derksen and Van der Gijp attended the wedding of Van der Gijp: they will appear on TV again in early August for the restart of the Champions League.

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