Switzerland: woman killed by a tiger at the Zurich Zoo – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – GENEVA, JULY 4 An employee was today
killed by a tiger in the Zurich Zoo. The victim, a woman
55-year-old animal care worker was attacked and
mortally wounded by a Siberian tiger in the enclosure
feline, reports the Swiss news agency Keystone-Ats. On the
tragic accident an investigation has been opened.

The episode took place around 13:30. After the alert, two
teams stepped in to lure the tiger out of the fence
and give relief to the victim of the attack, but the woman is
died on the spot.

The tiger had previously not given any particular signs of
aggression. A statement specifies that it has been established
a support unit for visitors and employees of the zoo
who witnessed the violent accident. (HANDLE).


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