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Buffers At the airport. To the Region Lazio are working on the ordinance. Also yesterday, six coronavirus-positive Bangladesh citizens were found, of these three had just returned from Dhaka and landed at Fiumicino airport. It is now clear that the border control system is not effective; the quarantines are not respected or, perhaps, are counterproductive, because the immigrant from Dhaka who returns to Rome isolates himself in a house where other compatriots also live, who are thus infected. The flow must be controlled, taking into account that a substantial part of the increase in new cases in Lazio was caused, directly or indirectly, by people arriving from non-European countries where there is still an intense circulation of virus. Not only from Bangladesh, of course, but also from Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Somalia. How will the mechanism being prepared work? Those who land in Fiumicino and come from countries at risk, even if they may be on a flight arriving from the Schengen area because they have stopped (for example: Brazil-Lisbon, Lisbon-Rome), will have to undergo a molecular buffer.

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Since it takes at least 24 hours to get the result, in the meantime these passengers will be accommodated in some rented hotels near the airport or in other structures already used for quarantines in the past. If the outcome of the swab is negative, after 24 hours the passenger will be able to continue his journey, even if he will still have to communicate transfers and residences because there is always the possibility that, due to the incubation period, the presence of the virus is not been detected by the swab, but the infection will come after a few days; if it is positive, it will be accompanied to a Covid-hospital or in any case to a structure where to remain in isolation until it is negative. Today the mechanism is fragmented, because, theoretically, the police authorities who carry out the checks at the airport must communicate to the healthcare companies the arrival of a person from non-European countries who must remain in house isolation for fourteen days. Not infrequently this passage of information does not work. Furthermore, if those arriving in Fiumicino say that they will isolate themselves, for example, in Viterbo, on the journey to Tuscia they will meet many people. The councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, also warned against the flaws of the system in an interview with the Messenger. Yesterday, to request different measures and more effective controls at the airport, the president of the airport spoke personally Lazio region (as well as secretary of the Democratic Party), Nicola Zingaretti, who said: “The new data on the infections tell us that the reopening of borders from many countries still at high risk requires new and timely measures to prevent and control arrivals. Decisions are urgently needed to provide airport swabs for people who stayed in these countries in the days prior to arrival. ” The summary: hopefully in a national government intervention, otherwise Lazio will organize itself.

Obviously this measure will concern not only foreigners, but also Italians who will come from countries outside Europe with an intense circulation of the virus, such as Brazil, the United States, Russia, India and Bangladesh, to give some examples.

The import cases mainly concerned the citizens of Bangladesh. For this reason another completely unpublished operation has been decided which will start this week: in agreement with the associations of immigrants of Bangladesh, all citizens coming from the Asian country will be given the opportunity, on a voluntary basis, to swab in a mobile location. Thousands of exams are expected. The Lazio yesterday saw a reduction, compared to the day before, of new cases (14) and zero deaths, but worries that the number of hospitalized and “currently positive” people has increased.

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