Suspicion of abuse in a kindergarten in Ashdod, the kindergarten teacher admitted to the mother: I contacted …


“So that he does not move or fall”: Police are investigating a suspicion of abuse in a kindergarten in Ashdod – the N12 has learned. The details of the incident indicate that the kindergarten teacher tied a child to a chair, by “dressing” his shirt on the back of the chair. The mother of the two-year-old turned to the police, after confronting the kindergarten teacher: In a conversation between the two, the kindergarten teacher admitted to the acts – and tried to explain why she did so.

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The acts were discovered by chance by the boy’s sister, who was also previously in the same kindergarten. “My second child, five years old, accompanied Ben to a summer camp because of the freedom,” the mother repeated in a conversation with N12. “Then one day she said she did not agree to enter the kindergarten when I asked why she suddenly said that the kindergarten teacher was tying her brother – our second son – to a chair. I was shocked.”

Then the mother witnessed with her own eyes the conduct: “I went to the kindergarten and asked the kindergarten teacher ‘Could it be that you are tying him to a chair with his shirt?’ “She called my child to show me how she does it, sat him on a small wooden chair and took the back of the shirt and wrapped the chair in the back so he could not move.”

“I told her ‘do you say normal? Do you understand that it’s wrong?'” She repeated the call. “She said, ‘Which is better, to move around freely at meal time? He can fall.'” The mother added: “It is hallucinatory because it is not possible to eat like that at all. My daughter also testifies that he does not eat in the garden. I asked the owner if she knew that this was what was happening and she said yes, it was so that he would not move and fall.” It also turns out that the garden owners said that this is an accepted method.

“He would beg you to release him from the chair”
Is in conflict with the kindergarten teacher

“I am shocked, I am beginning to think how many years my children have been tied up there in this kindergarten,” the mother added with concern. “It’s abuse, it’s a state of law and you can’t tie children to a chair so they don’t move. I complained, the secretary said there were no social workers because of the strike and she would pass it on. Then I turned to the police.” The mother filed a complaint yesterday at the Ashdod station for assaulting a helpless person by a person in charge.

In a conversation between the two that reached N12, the kindergarten teacher asked to meet, and the mother refused: “I have nothing to talk about.” She then slapped her: “My son would keep making that sad look, begging, when you put him back on the chair and demonstrated to me only then did I understand why he would do it – he would beg you to release him from the chair. I am shocked.” The teacher tried to explain and said: “Did you see how happy he was when he came to the kindergarten? Do you understand that it was in the beginning, when he did not sit and did not eat.”

She added: “You know the children in our kindergarten, there are children I can not say what they will do now, there is sometimes an even more dangerous child” – thus trying to explain why it is better to sit the mother’s son. Did the mother answer her: “Tying a child with the shirt to the backrest is not an option, it is abuse. Have you not seen things even less serious than that in the news, which are considered abuse?”.

The teacher replied to her: “You know how much we love the children and you, it is not all the time.” The mother replied: “It does not matter how many times you have done it, do you not understand the problem? It is something that is not done, it is something that can not be justified.”

Later in the conversation the kindergartener tried to explain that there are problematic children in the kindergarten so she tries to prevent incidents that occur when the children are standing and walking around with the plate while eating. “I’m very sorry you feel that way,” the teacher concluded. The mother replied, “I’m very, very bad that I brought you a child to take care of and tied him up with the garment, that’s why his shirts were coming in all the time taut and I didn’t understand why.”

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