Suspicion: 5 boys from Jerusalem committed sexual offenses at the age of 12 and documented


A group of boys from Jerusalem are suspected of committing sexual offenses on a 12-year-old girl in south Jerusalem, the police announced this morning (Thursday). Five boys aged 13-17 were arrested on suspicion of committing the acts and some are suspected of also documenting them on their mobile phones. Two of the suspects have been brought before the court and two more are expected to appear for a hearing today. As a result, the 12-year-old is in a difficult mental state.

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The acts were allegedly carried out in a series of meetings, with one of the boys suspected of being the one who organized the meetings with the girl. As part of the investigation conducted by the police, the suspicion arose that the acts committed by the boys took place over several months – and in several different encounters.

One of the boys is suspected to be the one who made the connection with the girl and was the first to have sex with her. He is suspected of arranging for her to meet with his other friends as well. The meetings between the boys and the girl took place in the houses and shelters in the neighborhood where they live. The findings of the investigation so far suggest that with each of the boys she had sex once or twice.

The detention of two of the boys was extended yesterday until tomorrow and two more are being brought to court this morning. The fifth suspect, 13, was released under house arrest due to his age.

Naamat’s chairman, Hagit Peer, addressed the suspicions against the boys: “This is a shocking affair that will scar the girl’s soul for life. The combination of seemingly serious sexual offenses along with documenting the incident once again illustrates the importance of education, including gender-conscious education from an early age. I call on the welfare authorities to provide emotional support to the 12-year-old girl, a long and torturous rehabilitation procedure before her. At the same time, the police must make sure that the alleged victim does not suffer from shaming phenomena on social networks, as often happens in such cases. ”


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