Survival: Asi Bouzaglo gets into a physical confrontation with another survivor


Asi Buzaglo Yesterday (Sunday) he found himself in a violent situation at the barbershop in Tel Aviv where he was staying, according to those present who passed by the place. The retired survivor Raz Nissim Cohen, A fitness coach and basketball player who participated in the “Survival” reality show about two years ago passed by on the street and according to those present he saw the sheikh, the winds soon heated up, Raz claimed the passers-by tried to attack Buzaglo, after it tried to protect his colleague MahaElla Ayalon Who was also present at the event.

Police soon arrived at the scene and the incident ended without any casualties. But this morning (Monday) Raz Nissim Cohen posted a post explaining the event as it happened from his point of view and wrote: ” The Creator of the world knows what my intention was. Let’s not hate free and media cooperation. “Things went out of proportion to the quarrel and the nerves were on the policeman who wanted to give me a report when I was in sportswear at the barbershop.”

Asi Buzaglo (Photo: Or Geffen)

“I came to Pargan and hug Assi at all, but because of my size he was scared and moved and did not understand what I wanted from him. Release people, I fought with the policeman not with Assi, for all the men behind the keyboard come to my apartment in Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv, show me Ward give you a male hug” .

Raz Nissim Cohen (Photo: Instagram screenshot)Raz Nissim Cohen (Photo: Instagram screenshot)
Raz Nissim Cohen (Photo: Amir Meiri)Raz Nissim Cohen (Photo: Amir Meiri)

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